Monday, March 05, 2007

Toilet Training Day 0 - The Preparation

I'm going to start my 2-in-1 toilet training today ie training both kids at the same time. Daytime toilet training for the boy and naptime toilet training for the girl. We'll start with naps followed by nighttime training. Yesterday we went and bought underwear for the boy and some mats to be placed under the girl's bed in case of accidents during sleep. I also bought a 2007 calendar or planner. I got it at 50% off since its now the 3rd month of the year. Still the planner was not cheap. I almost wanted to just do a DIY calander or planner as an activity with the kids but I'm lazy, so I bought the planner. The planner is to track their progress. I promised them reward stickers for each day of success and a toy of their choice when they have collected 60 stickers.

Both the kids know the drill by now. I've been talking to them about this for weeks. The boy knows he must try to go to the toilet for his poo and pee and the girl knows we will be taking her diaper off for naps. Hopefully it works out in practise.

I can't remember very much of how the daytime toilet training for the girl went so it must have been not too bad. (Otherwise I would remember it for sure! Lol!) I didn't record it down then so I'm recording this down now. I only remember one incident where she peed somewhere in the living room and then she ran away and baby crawled all over it as he tried to follow her and I almost tore out my hair. Haha. Still her daytime toilet training was quite painless. Taking off the diaper during naps failed though so I put her back on it and now we're starting over. Wish me luck!

I shall be very busy over the next few days because this requires a lot of time and patience on my part. I am prepared to take the boy to the toilet very often and to wipe up accidents if any for both of them.

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