Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Facebook Addiction Is As Bad As Drugs

The other day I was reading about a lady with facebook addiction. According to the article, she would set her alarm clock to wake her up every 30 minutes at night so she can play facebook games. My, that is serious addiction and can affect your mental health just as much as drugs would.

Many people think that facebook addiction is not as bad as addiction to drugs or abuse of prescription drugs. However, it can be harmful to your health when it affects your sleep and waking activities. One possible sign of facebook addiction is trying to hide your facebook activities from your partner or parents.

It is not easy to be a parent these days, now not only do you have to worry about drugs which are unfortunately sometimes easily available in clubs and pubs or even prescription drugs which can be abused, you also have to worry about facebook addiction too, this seemingly harmless social media tool that has brought the world closer together.

These days, facebook addiction is treated alongside drug addictions in recovery centers like Morningside Recovery. Quite often many people who face addiction issues whether it is to drugs, prescription drugs or even to facebook may have underlying issues and centers like this may help to get to the root of the problem.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

You Don't Have To Rot When You Stay At Home As A SAHM

You don't have to rot when you stay at home as a stay at home mom (SAHM).

I am a SAHM and I often meet people who tell me "Oh, No, I can't stay at home 24/7 like you, I'd die of boredom!" Well, I didn't die of boredom, thank you very much. In fact, I'm thriving as I discoverd my passion in writing.

Today, I'm going to write about other SAHMs, amazing mommy bloggers and SAHMs from Malaysia who didn't die from boredom as well. In fact they are flurorishing and I don't think they have the time to feel bored. I have known some of them for a long time from our early blogging days, almost 8 years and that is a very long time indeed for the online world.

The SAHM mommy bloggers I have featured here are in random.

1. When I think of this SAHM blogger, I see cute crochet stuffed toys.

That's amazing Samm who is very talented in crocheting. She certainly has no time to be bored. She has several blogs and does amazing Amigurumi, a kind of Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed toys.

Check out Samm's Fibre Art Creations Blog and visit Samm's Amigurumi Cafe on Facebook. She's also a great cook as you can see here on her Organic Samm Blog.

She is also a SAHM to two lovely boys. Bored SAHM? I don't think she has the time.

2. Another amazing SAHM mommy who does not have time to rot is Montessorrimum who is a mother of four. She is a very hands on mother. I don't know where she finds the time to do all the crafty stuff she does with her kids who are still young.

Recently, when I think about her, I see Wikkistix,a creative craft tool, teaching aid and educational toy.

Wikkistix is her new baby. You can support this SAHM by visiting and liking her Wikkistix fan page on Facebook.

This is another SAHM who has no time to be bored. I can sense that sometimes she is restless and thinks about returning to work. Well, I wish her all the best whichever path she may choose but at the moment, I think she is doing very well indeed.

3. This pretty SAHM is an amazing lady. She is a mother to two active and adorable boys. You can read about their antics on her blog, She calls it Blablablabla - Our Comical Life.

A rotting SAHM she certainly is not. A very creative lady, she is a freelance graphic designer that designs prints on designs for packaging and premiums. I don't know which she does better, graphic designing or sewing or crafting and anything creative. She can create something beautiful out of anything.  

Perhaps you are wondering why I am  using the picture of bottles to represent such a creative person? That is because, besides busy creating and designing, you will most likely find Sasha at BYOB Subang Branch, a new concept store to reuse, recyle and economize by Bringing Your Own Bottles to buy detergent and other household stuff. Read Sasha's story about how she turned from BYOB user to owner here .

4. Her facebook page says: SAHM with 4 kiddies. Golf clubs are collecting dust and cobwebs in the store room. (She used to be a national golfer) Running an online Family Bookshop on the side. You can read the story about how she started her online Value Bookshop here. I guess that says it all. Being a mama of 4, she has lots of tips to give you on her blog Mama's Bag Of Tricks where she shares with you her personal collection of Parenting Tips and Tricks. Sometimes she shares interesting recipes too as you can see from this picture. Yum!
5. Shireen is a mother to three sweet little girls. Her youngest is pictured here. She has been through a lot which makes her all that much more adorable and sweet.

This is another SAHM who has no time to rot. In fact, she wishes she has more time to look after her dearies, her online store: Old & New Stuff For Sale and her several blogs.

In addition to running an online store and taking care of her 3 lovelies, she also writes several blogs, I've lost track of how many, this is one of them with many followers Health Freak Mommy and yes, in addition to this family blog, she has a separate health blog as well.

6. When I see baby slings and cloth pads, I think of Chin Nee and Mama Patch. She is a SAHM mother to twin boys and a girl.

You can see and read about her cute twins and girl on her blog Taking care of twins must be very tiring but it does not stop this amazing SAHM, online shop owner and blogger.

Bored? Who has the time to be bored?

7. This young and pretty SAHM and super mommy blogger, Merryn has a blog called Home Is Where My Heart Is. The title of her blogs says it all. Stay At Home Is where she belongs. Is she bored? No!

You will find  her running around a lot attending and blogging about many exciting events around town.

She is a mother to one very lucky boy who benefits from her creativity and home teaching. She also runs Crafty Crafted, a craft centre suitable for young children and toddlers.

You can see some of her cool crafts on her crafting blog called Crafty Crafted. You can get lots of crafting ideas for small children from this blog with craft instructions too.

8. This is a mother to one very lucky and talented little boy called Reese Mathew. Her blog is simply called "Resse Mathew's Secret Isle. I love the Education Category on her blog. Just reading it gives you an idea the amount of love and effort this mother puts into her child's education.

Not long ago, she started a Facebook page called Reese's Secret Gallery to showcase all of Reese's incredible drawings and art. The one on the left is one of his drawings. Can you guess how old Reese is to have drawn such an amazing artwork? Check out Reese's Secret Gallery to find out.

I could go on but I guess I will stop here. I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know these amazing SAHM's better. The message I want to impart in this blog post is SAHM's do not rot at home. SAHMs do not have time to be bored at home and SAHMs are certainly not boring people, don't you think so?

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