Monday, August 06, 2012

More Than Just A Maid

For families who hire a maid, sometimes the maid turns out to be more than just a maid eventually.

Recently, we went to the airport to pick our maid up. She had just returned from a one month holiday to her home town. At the airport, there was another maid which just arrived. As soon as she arrived, a little boy ran to her and gave her the biggest, happiest, unreserved hug. A hug like that is meant for someone he obviously loves a lot. Many maids who take care of little children end up almost being their primary caregiver and the little ones have taken to them.

As for us, as soon as the maid came out, she and I were so happy to see each other, we gave each other a hug while the children looked on. The maid has warmed our hearts during her stay with us for four years. She is my good friend and companion. The children are often amused by her and like to chat with her although they don't give her the unreserved hug that the other little boy gave to his maid.

That is because I am not used to the idea of the children being closer to the maid then to me, so I have carefully not allowed this to happen. I am still their primary caregiver. The maid helps me with the housework and lessens my burden but she does not help me with the kids. Easy for me because I am a SAHM. However, in homes where both parents are working sometimes, the maid ends up almost the primary caregiver and the kids love them dearly.

When you have someone living in your house, you form relationships with them and sometimes the maid ends up being more than just a maid.

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Moms, Give Yourselves A Pat On The Back

I know many moms who suffer from guilt trips. Instead of patting themselves on their backs for doing a good job, they always worry about what they are NOT doing for their children. 

  • If you are a full time working mom, give yourself a pat on the back for contributing to the finances of the family instead of kicking yourself over not spending enough time with your children
  • If you are a stay at home mom, give yourself a pat on the back for being able to spend time taking care of your household and your children instead of fretting over how you are not contributing to the family expenses
  • If you are a single mum who has to do everything for your kids, give yourself three pats on the back for being able to do the best that you can under challenging circumstances
  • If you are a working mum who comes back and do the housework and still find time to help with your child's homework, give yourself three pats on the back for being a super mom instead of stressing out over how little time you have for yourself and your partner
  • If you are a housewife who does not do very much housework but prefers to spend more time educating your kids, give yourself a pat on the back instead of thinking about how you should spend more time looking after the house since you are not working
So, go on now, give yourself a pat on the back. I shall give myself a pat on my back too even though I do not contribute to the family expenses and sometimes I lose it and I yell at the kids at the top of my voice from seeing them 24/7, even though my house is somewhat neglected although I am 'not working", I shall give myself a pat on my back and so shall you!

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