Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Breastfeeding is the Magic Weapon that......

My husband and I used to joke that breastfeeding was like using the magic weapon. And it really feels that way sometimes. Lol!

Breastfeeding is the magic weapon that....

  • calms and soothes baby
  • acts as a painkiller for doctor visits that requires jabs or injections
  • helps baby go to sleep
  • keeps baby full and contented
  • gives baby nutrition and energy
  • stops baby from crying instantly
  • its a natural pacifier and comfort object

Haha. I could go on. Each time baby cries, get fretty, sleepy or hungry, hubby would hand baby over to me and say "Baby needs the magic weapon." or "Get out the magic weapon." Hah! Easy for him! Lol! However, it is easier for me too AFTER the first two months that is. My babies both had latching problems and for me breastfeeding during the early days is always a tough time. It only gets easier AFTER the early days (though its not this way for everyone).

Still all that struggle, tears (from both baby and myself) and stress during the early days of trying to breastfeed is well worth it AFTER we have got our breastfeeding act together and breastfeeding becomes "The Magic Weapon!" *chang chang chang* *drum roll* Lol!

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