Monday, March 12, 2007

Toilet Training Day Three - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Baby was good in the morning. He stopped himself in his tracks when he started to pee and told me so. After lunch I wanted to take him to poo but his sister ran ahead of him and said "I want to go too" so I let her. Uh Oh! Lesson No 1: Don't let baby wait. They can't! Baby couldn't wait and did it in his new underwear. Thats his first poo accident. Thank Goodness we're having hot sunny skies these days. I quickly washed up his stained clothes and put them out to dry.

In the afternoon, he was too busy playing and I was too busy with other work. By the time I asked him if he wanted to pee, he pointed to a big spot on the carpet and said "There!" Uh Oh! Lesson No 2: They're not going to tell you they want to go to the bathroom when they are busy playing.

To be continued.....

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