Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lazy Mum's guide to Toilet Training

Day Nine

I wasn't going to write anymore daily updates but I just had to record this. This morning baby woke up, drank his milk and told me he wanted to pee. I checked his diaper. It was completely dry. He had been awake for a while and had just finished his milk. I'm so happy he didn't pee in his diaper but told me to take him to the bathroom to the pee. Definitely one star for baby and I'm sure he's got it now.

Subsequent Days

Baby definitely has got it now because over the next few days he continues to tell me when he wants to go for either a pee or a poo (he can differentiate now). He tells me even when we are out of the house and he is in diapers. Yipeee! (However I was told off by hubby because when we were out of the house and he told me, I almost told him to pee in his diaper because it was inconvenient. Hubby said that would be reversing the training. So eventually I found a toilet but it was so difficult because I couldn't remove his shorts and socks and shoes since he doesn't know how to aim his pee yet. Otherwise all his clothes will be stained. Hmmm... nevermind, its early days and baby will get it soon, the aiming part I mean. Lol!)

So its confirmed that the toilet training process is over in less than 10 days. Thats absolutely great! Congratulations baby. You're a big boy now.

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I call this the lazy mum's guide to toilet training because the toilet training process is so much easier when the child is ready for it. There is no stress and no tears. Only a little bit or rather a lot of wiping and washing for a week or two. By wiping and washing, I mean the floor, carpet, chair or whatever and baby's clothings. I don't wash potties because I don't use one. Its straight to the adult toilet and flush after use. I don't have a maid or anyone else at home who can help me so this is the most practical way for me.

I have people who told me why I am so late in my toilet training, their kid was trained at one year but when I asked them how they did it, their reply was "I was fortunate, my mum put him on the potty every one hour at that age." Well, I don't have time to put a one year old on the potty every one hour so I'm not going to do it that way. I also don't have a maid whom I can call out to "Ani (or whatever), cepat cuci potty/angkat baby/lap lantai/whatever" which is why I take baby straight to the adult toilet and forgo the potty. This way I don't have to clean potties and I don't have to later transition or teach them all over again to go to the adult toilet.

When my child is ready, and when I am ready (Thats important too ie me being ready. I noticed that baby was ready for it a while ago but I was not because I was very busy moving house so I started later), so when both mother and baby are ready, the process is very simple and fast. All I needed to do was be very committed, focussed and patient during the training process which only took 10 days in our case.

If you like, you can follow my guide too but if you prefer other methods its all up to you. I always believe that just like any other issues on parenting. Its all up to you and your child. Whatever feels right to you and your child is right. There is no right or wrong way. My way may not be suitable for you the way it is for me. (especially if you're a working mum, it may not be practical to take time off to do this since its a full time thing.) I've said this before. When it comes to parenting, "To each his own" applies so do whatever feels right and is practical for you and your child and don't care about what others (including books and gurus) have to say. Lol!

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  1. wah u really supermom la! me too lazy to potty train my girl...

  2. laundryamah,
    I have no choice ler. If I don't do it nobody will. Hahaha.

  3. are right. I don't have the time too to toilet trained Brae. I just let him be until he's ready. time must search for your post again on toilet training my kids...heheheh.


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