Thursday, January 28, 2010

What have you done for yourself lately?

Mothers, what have you done for yourself lately?

What do you like to do?

  • I like to read a book or magazine undisturbed
  • I like to blog and write
  • I like to play the piano
  • I like to listen to the music without any other background noise

And today, I am going to get my hair washed and done up. I admit that I haven't done so in almost a year! Oh my goodness! That is terrible. But then getting my hair done is not one of my favourite things to do. It takes too long. I'd rather be browsing around at a bookshop than sitting in a hair salon.

Anyway, the point of this post is, I think it is important for us mothers to take care of ourselves. If we take care of ourselves well, then we will feel happy and well emotionally and physically. We will then be better mothers and wives.

Matyr mothers don't make better mothers. You don't become better mothers by sacrificing your all for your children and family. Save a little love and time for yourself. By being matyr mothers, after a while you will suffer burnout. You will feel restless and feel that something is missing. You may even start to feel resentful towards your spouse or your children. You may feel trapped.

However, remember that the key towards opening that trap door lies in your hands. So do something for yourself today whether its baking, swimming, running, shopping or whatever it is that you like. Find the time for it. No time is no excuse not to do something for yourself. It can even take as little time as an undisturbed shower using some aromatic scenting soaps that you like. That too is considered doing something for yourself.

Today, I am going to the hair salon to do my hair. What about you?

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pregnancy and Bringing Up Babies

In my mother's time, women used to have extended families living together. It was easy to get information about pregnancy and bringing up babies. You simply relied on your own mother, aunty, mother-in-law, sister, or grandmother. They would be around to advise and help. You don't feel at a loss because you live together and there is usually another experienced female member within the family who is always willing to help out.

However, in my time, I don't have the luxury of being able to depend on relatives to help out. I rely heavily on the internet instead to get the information and network with other new parents.

If you are in the same situation, you can check out Babies Base for the information you need about pregnancy and bringing up your babies or toddlers.

You can network with other parents in the baby and pregnancy forum to ask any questions you have about pregnancy and babies.

If you are a person on the go and prefer quick information, you can also follow Babies Base on Twitter.

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Delayed Dentist Appointment

We were supposed to have gone for a dentist appointment at the end of last year but we have procrastinated. Bleargh.

Everyone needs some dentistry work at home. Hubby's gums are so bad that his teeth are falling out!

The girl's baby teeth is growing behind her permaneant teeth again. Funny, how all her permaneant teeth would sprout out first before her baby teeth drops off.

The boy should have his first proper check up.

As for me, well, I just need a clean-up. I have something like 8-9 crowns. Once, one of it dropped off during an evening cocktail at work! I had to gently remove the tooth, put it in a tissue paper and smile with my lips pursed throughout the evening. Ever since then, I've had nightmares about my teeth falling out every now and then. :)

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Shower Favors

I have many friends expecting babies in the year 2010. It looks like the stork will be very busy indeed this year 2010.

Welcoming a baby is always a very special moment, whether it is the first, second, third or more babies. Some couples choose to make their baby announcements really special by having a baby shower with lovely collectibles as their baby shower favors.

I love attending baby showers and I love receiving those special thoughtful gifts that the host prepares. I always keep them for keepsakes. I personally prefer collectibles rather than edibles because edibles do not last. :)

It is the same for wedding favors. I remember once I received special decorative soaps as a wedding favor years ago. I have kept them till this day even though I have long since lost touch with the couple.

In fact, I can't remember very much about the wedding at all. It was about 15 to 20 years ago. However, etched in my memory is the happy and proud look on the bride and groom's face as they presented me with their wedding favor.

I still treasure the collectible very much. That is why I prefer it to edibles.

What about you? What sort of favors do you prefer?

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Friday, January 08, 2010

MRI of the brain

My girl tells me that she is "dreaming" a few times a day, sometimes more than half a dozen times a day. I asked her what she means by "dreaming". She says she knows she is awake but she feels as if things are unreal, as if it is in a dream. She also complaints of headaches occassionally.

In the night, she sometimes complains of seeing "green clouds" in the dark. Once she said the naughty green clouds must be what is making her "dreaming" during the day.

This recurring "dreamlike state" during wakefullness worries me. With her history and a failed MRI behind us, we scheduled another visit to another neuro on Christmas eve.

The neuro asked us a long list of questions about our family history etc. Naturally she suggested another MRI. She said that my girl's "hallucinations" may suggest that she is either having a temporal lobe seizure or a complicated migraine. She said that the temporal lobe seizure may be from the back area of the brain (Occipital. This is the term she used if I am not mistaken) due to the sudden vomitting in the night previously which suggests it.

She also checked my girl's eyes. We also decided to take her to an optometrist to make sure or rule out the cause of headache caused by straining the eyes.

She suggested an MRI of the brain under general anaesthetics because she realises that my girl has an anxious personality and will not lie still for the procedure. She says the MRI under GA will cost 3 times more than a normal one. That would be around the region of RM3,000.00

We would have to make another appointment to come back to do the MRI. However, we were keen to get it out of the way. Another appointment meant more stress, worry and waiting for us. We asked for an alternative. She suggested a cocktail of 3 sedatives plus valium. It sounded very scary to us. We were worried about the safety.

We persuaded our girl to try to lie still. The technicians were very kind. They agreed to allow our girl to try to do the MRI without sedatives first. The MRI machine at this hospital is slightly different from the previous one. It is more open, less closed up or claustrophobic type.

When my girl lies down on the machine at it slides inside, I can still see her and she can see me as well. There is a mirror for her to look up which is placed in such a position that it reflects my face as I stand at the foot or side of the machine. I am allowed to hold her hand and stroke her legs and speak works of encouragement to her. The technicians also spoke to her encouragingly through a mike which she can hear through the headphones. The room was also not as cold as the previous one.

"You are doing very well. Only 7 minutes more. Now lie very still, don't move at all. Good girl."

At last, she did it. She managed to lie down very still for about 30 minutes listening to the loud droning of the MRI machine while the machine was recording the image of her brain. Lying perfectly still for 30 minutes is indeed a feat for any active, restless and anxious 7 year old. In fact, lying still anywhere and not only in a MRI machine. We did an MRI (to get an image or x-ray of the brain) and a MRA (to get an image of the blood vessels in the brain).

The MRI and MRA was normal. We were relieved. The neuro says at least that ensures that the "hardware" part is all right.

Our appointment was at 9am. After the MRI was done, we waited till after lunch to see the neuro again. The neuro says that even though the MRI is normal, her diagnosis based on what we have described to her is either a complicated migraine, a seizure or fit - Rolandic type benign (or BRE) and some other medical terms which she scribbled on a piece of paper to us but which I can't decipher now. Finally, if all else fails, she says she may send us to a psychologist. None of which sounds very pleasant or pretty to me. Still, I am glad the MRI is normal and we have managed to get it done at last.

The entire visit and procedure cost us about RM2,000.00 It would have cost a lot more if the MRI was done under GA. The doctor visit and procedure took us about half a day. Fortunately the girl was cooperative. She knew the implications of the cost and the time it will mean to all of us. So she tried her best. She really did.

I am happy that the MRI is normal. However since the diagnosis is unclear or there is no apparent diagnosis, we will wait and see. I am still afraid to hear noises in the night worried that my girl may be having another unexplainable incident. I still say my nightly prayers.

"God, please do not let any of my children have seizures or epilepsy. Please keep them safe from any harm, injury or ill health. Please let them have peaceful, restful slumbers and let them wake up fresh and ready for the next day. Thank you, God."

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Mother's New Year Resolution

This is my New Year's Resolution as a mother.

This year I hope to....

  • cuddle more and hit less
  • listen more and scold less
  • be more innovative in getting the kids to do things
  • love more and get angry less
  • spend more time with the kids (they never tire in trying to get me to spend more time with them. I know if I can spend more time with them, it will make them very happy)
  • read more to the kids and nag less
  • play with them more and teach them more as well, not only academically but about life as well

That is what I hope to achieve as a mother this year. I better review this list often especially when I lose it, get angry, annoyed, mad or irritated which is quite often!

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