Friday, February 16, 2007

Toilet training two-in-one

I've been putting off toilet training the kids because we were moving house and there were just too many changes going on for us to be able to do this successfully together. My boy is 3 and my girl is 5.

My girl is still wearing her diapers during the night and for afternoon naps. I took her off the daytime naps diaper but it didn't work out. We both ended up more stressed so I put her back on it. My boy has shown signs of readiness for toilet training for some time now but I haven't started training him because I was not ready.

Well, we're now settling down into our new home now. So my goal is to start training both of them after the Chinese New Year festival. Wish me luck! And lots of patience. I'll definitely need both of that especially the latter during the toilet training process.

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  1. Good Luck To You!! When there's a lot of chances around, it can be quite hard for the children...just take your time.

    I can shake hand with you, coz my girl still on night diaper (though dry everyday...) and my boy also still on nappy :P ...he can tell , but often too late for me to the lazy me decided is best to still put on the nappy.

  2. Wish you luck too! When the time comes. :)


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