Monday, May 25, 2009

Ladies, do you want "a chubbiness bust?"

Recently I received an advertorial publication. It says Bust Englarging service that gives you a firm and chubbiness bust. ROTFL.

I've heard of big and beautiful bust but not "chubby" breasts before!

In the same publication, my horroscope read as follows:

"On Full Moon, your ruler, Mercury is in Waterman, commit madder at the Fish cusp. You will wonder thinks comes whta you of this day as tomorrow! Get end remarks in meanwhile you can! With new moon, your ruler is retrograade in Fish and square to Jupiter in arc shooter. Above everything, holds your feeling for humor or you will lose your temper. It will the typical "two steps ahead, three steps back", scenario in this cycle. Splendor many and embrace the parabel."


I can't believe anyone could publish such rubbish. Errrrr.... so ladies.... do you want chubbiness in your bust?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I forgot Mother's Day

I forgot it was Mother's Day on Mother's Day because I was feeling too sick.

I was still having fever but had to go out to do some grocery shopping. We stopped by the bookstore. The kids and hubby who were all sick too selected some books. Then daddy told them to pick a Magazine for mummy because it was Mummy's Day and I replied in a blur "Is that right? I thought it was next week? Are you sure?"

Anyway, I was feeling too sick to care. I just told them to pick anything. They picked a Vogue magazine for me. Now if I hadn't been sick, I would have picked something else like "Good Housekeeping" or the Woman's Weekly or something.

Somehow, I feel that Fashion Magazines like Vogue are a waste of money. They cost quite a lot because of the exchange rate and there's nothing to read. Furthermore, many of the pages are just glossy ads. Theres not much substance or value in the magazine.

However, since hubby was thoughtful enough to remember to ask the kids to pick up something for me, I shall still treasure it. Later on, the boy brought back some craft flowers and heart shape thingy that he had moulded and baked at his kindy. "Its for you mummy. I didn't make it. Teacher did." he said. Hahaha. Its the thought that counts and the honesty and simplicity in which it was given that touches me. The fact that he didn't make it himself did not matter. lol. "I didn't get to make you a card mummy", the girl said sadly. She loves to make cards for people. I must remember to help her make a card for daddy's day next month.

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