Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Toilet Training Day Four - Distractions leads to Accidents

I was busy running errands for most of the day so toilet training times were reduced to the short periods of time I had available at home. Its best to choose to do toilet training when you are not too busy with other activities otherwise you confuse the poor kid. One moment you put them in underwear and then back to diapers because you have to go out and there is no toilet around where you are going.

However, sometimes its just not possible to wait till you are entirely and extremely free to concentrate on nothing else accept the toilet training process. Such a day will never come. There will always be activities and other things you need to do. I had postponed this since last year because we were busy moving house and then there was the Chinese New Year celebrations. So there is no more excuses but to just go right ahead and train baby because I believe he is ready for it.

There were too many distractions today. Baby had another poo accident in the underwear. I hope that we will be back on track to our toilet training tomorrow when our routine goes back to normal with some of the endless errands and to do lists out of the way. But when will they EVER be out of the way? Our To Do Lists gets longer everyday, not shorter!

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