Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lovely poem for new mothers

I just want to take a moment here to share this lovely poem I found on the internet some years ago. I read it to comfort myself during the early difficult moments with a newborn baby.

If I could talk, here's what I'd say
happy with you, I want to stay
Hold me, hug me, let me see
your happy face, smiling back at me
Hold me, cuddle me in your arms
Keep me safe from all that harms

The time is right, for me to hold
when you're less busy, I'll be too old
You're much happier, you worry less
when you can see, I have no stress
It makes good sense, you must confess
There's time later to clean the mess

Let no schedule, furrow your brow
Let us enjoy this time, right now
Career and dreams are important too
they are, a significant part of you
When I'm older we'll join the race
It's better then, to pick up the pace

I don't know, if we've got one or two
I don't care, it it's old or new
Why would I care, if we have a view
What I do know, is, I want YOU
Nurture me now, don't put me on hold
Its your time I want, not your gold

Cuddle me, comfort me, dispel my fears
Holding me close and tending my tears
dispels my imagined, and real fears
Up in your arms with you I yearn
Carry me, hold me, its my turn
Show me skills, that I may learn

I love to hear, and to feel your voice
Its in simple things, that I rejoice
When I can hear and when I can see
learning to speak, is easier for me
How I love your caring smile
won't you sit with me a while

Cuddle me, kiss me, let us frolic
there'll be no time, for fretful colic
I love the rhythm of your heart
It comforts me and lets me know
that you're still here and shall not go
That you love me, I will know
when you help me learn and grow

Lets enjoy this love, of which we're fond
living together and creating a bond
Snuggle me tenderly to your chest
Suckle and comfort me at your breast
Keep me close, at the centre of your life
we'll both encounter a lot less strife

My wholesome security and self esteem
are a worthy goal, not just a dream
Fortunate for me, thats what I'll get
for because of love, we two have met
When your fragrance, I can smell
I'm brought comfort, 'cause I can tell
that you are close and all is well

As you work, walk, take a trip
with me safely balanced, upon your hip
our muscle tone will be much greater
and I'll be walking, sooner than later
Show me the very best ways to go
so when I'm older, up straight, I'll grow

When you meet all of my needs
my health and development succeeds
I feel loved, happy and content
Your time with me is well spent
Great dividends we all will reap
as I lay contented, down to sleep
We will wake, refreshed and ready
full of joy, strong and steady

Give me security for which I long
let me know that I belong
Your sweet voice upon my ears
comforts me and makes me strong
It quiets me and soothes my tears
now that I know that you are near

With your help, I'll find wings
and be moving on to greater things
Soon enough, I'll walk, run and play
entertaining myself, for most of the day
I hope I've helped, for you to see
we're both better off, when you carry me

Author: Unknown

I love poems. I did not write the above one. I saw it in a forum and it is truly inspiring. That is why I am sharing it here. I wish I knew who the author was so I can tell her how wonderfully inspiring this poem is for new mothers. 

I also wrote some motherhood poems from the time my babies were newborns. They are now 8 and 10 years old. My collection of poems is all about the joys of motherhood including the self doubt and insecurities that we mothers sometimes feel as a mother and a wife.

You can go here for more information

How not to lose yourself after becoming a mother and wife Mother, Wife, Myself

or head straight over to Amazon to purchase a copy of this book of poems for yourself or for a friend. 

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  1. it is so good to be reminded about the important things. this poem melted my heart and has encouraged me to keep doing all the things with my 6 month old ruby that give me joy.

  2. Anon,
    It melted mine too and kept me going when I felt so sleep deprived from pumping milk and then carrying an endlessly crying baby to and fro in the middle of the night.


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