Friday, October 31, 2008

Another tooth out

About 2 weeks ago, another one of my girl's bottom teeth was loose. It had become very lose during her kindy concert but she was ok with it. We shook it and I asked her "When do you think this one will fall out?"

She usually can predict it by telling me "I think this will fall out tomorrow night" etc. lol. Later that day while she was having her bath, I noticed that the tooth was missing. Worried that she may have accidentally swallowed it, I asked her what had happened to her tooth.

She then told me "Oh, it must have been that dirty thing, I kicked into the drain. I thought there was something dirty on the floor so I kicked it into the drain. It must have been my tooth." Hahaha.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Guilt of a Mother

I feel guilty when..........

  • they don't eat enough
  • they eat too much
  • they eat too much junk food
  • they don't get enough sleep
  • I leave them alone to play
  • they don't know how to play alone
  • I don't spend enough time with them
  • I don't buy them the things they like
  • I buy them too many toys
  • they watch too much tv

I can't think of anymore right now but all I know is that the list is endless. As mothers we try to do our best for our kids and quite often our standards of expectations for ourselves are rather high.

I know that most mothers feel some degree of guilt over one thing or another. What do you feel guilty about? Care to share?

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Monday, October 13, 2008

More Permanent Teeth replacing Milk Teeth

About 2 weeks ago, another one of my girl's front teeth dropped out. She is six.

So far, she has had 3 lower front teeth fall out. One more lower front teeth is lose. They have been replaced by 4 lower front permanent teeth. All of her new permanent teeth came out BEFORE the old milk teeth drops out. She also has two new permanent molars at the back.

Now with the latest dropout (if I may call it that), she has lost the top two front teeth. I can now see the two new permanent teeth sprouting. Unlike her bottom row of teeth, the top permanent teeth is sprouting AFTER the old milk teeth dropped off.

So far in all, she has lost 5 milk teeth and gained 8 permanent teeth, some of which are still growing slowly. :)

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