Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Ideas

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been very busy editing my Halloween pages on my Hubpages. This is the reason why I have been MIA here of late. Here are my Halloween Ideas all put together on a page for easy reference. Go here if you want to do Last Minute Halloween Craft with kids.

Originally written in 2012, this blog post has been updated to reflect the latest Halloween Ideas For 2014.

Halloween Ideas

Halloween Home Decorating Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012

On this site you will find Halloween Party Decoration Ideas for your Halloween Party.

From ceiling to table, from Halloween lights to Halloween tableware and how to decorate your Halloween food. plus Halloween banners and other things you can use to decorate your home for a Halloween Party.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Everything You Need For A Monster High Halloween Party

If you are planning a Halloween party for a group of giggly tween or teen girls, then  the Monster High theme is just right.

Girls will love the Monster High theme for any party, not just a Halloween one.

This page features everything you need for a Monster High Halloween Party including Monster High Halloween Costumes.

Halloween Trick or Treating Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012

On Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag Templates, you will find useful links for free Halloween Bag Templates for those who prefer to make their own Halloween Trick Bags. Alternatively, you can search for a featured one that you like.

Halloween stickers and other embellishments are featured too. You will need those if you are making your own trick or treat bags.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Halloween Theme Craft Supplies For Crafters

More Halloween Stickers, Halloween Ribbons, Halloween Rubber Stamps and other Halloween Embelishments are included here for you to make your own trick or treat bags.

Good crafters may also find some interesting Halloween Craft Supplies to make their own Jack-o-Lantern and other Halloween Crafts.

Halloween Ideas 2012
12 Popular Halloween Candies

Now that you've got your Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags ready, it is time to fill it with Candy.

No time to shop for Candy? You can shop online but first check out what are the 12 most popular Halloween Candies for all time.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Halloween Candy Alternative Ideas

Don't want candy? Most people would opt for non-candy ideas instead as they become more health conscious which is a really good thing.

This page has lots of non-candy alternatives to keep both kids and parents happy.

However, Halloween is not Halloween without candy. So you can keep candy to a minimum by including some of these non-candy alternatives.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012

First, start off with this page. It has many tips on choosing a Halloween Costume for Adults, Kids and even pets!

Besides tips, you will get plenty of links to all types of Halloween Costumes for adults, kids and pets with loads of information in each of the link.

Halloween Ideas 2012
10 Cute Baby Girl's First Halloween Costume

If this is your baby girl's first Halloween, you must stop here for the Baby Girl First Halloween Costume ideas. The Baby Girl First Halloween Costumes featured on this page are super adorable.

These Baby Girl First Halloween Costumes will make baby's first Halloween a memorable one. Remember to take lots of features for keepsakes.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Brother and Sister Matching Halloween Costumes

Siblings who dress alike can experience some bonding moments. If you are looking for ideas for brother and sister matching Halloween Costumes, stop by this page.

You will get lots of ideas for matching brother and sister Halloween costumes or for groups of two or three siblings including a boy and a girl.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Halloween Costume Ideas For Brothers, Friends And Groups Of Boys

If you have sons or a group of boys you want to dress up for Halloween, check out this page for some cool ideas on how to dress them up in co-ordinating Halloween Costumes to double or triple the fun.

The Halloween Costumes ideas for brothers here include those from popular themes as well as other original boy costume ideas.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Top 12 Superhero Costumes For Boys This Halloween 2015 (Updated)

In addition to the above Halloween Costume Ideas for brothers, here are some more Halloween Costume for boys.

This one is on Halloween Costumes for boys who love superheroes like Batman and Robin, Superman, The Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman and more.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Best Halloween Superhero Costume For Girls 2015 (Updated)

Boys are not the only ones who like to save the world.

The Halloween Superhero Costumes For Girls featured on this page should keep active girls who love an action movie happy.

You can get girl versions of just about any superhero there is accept The Hulk. I don't think I want to dress my little girl up as The Hulk.

Other Halloween Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012
Plants Vs Zombies Collectibles

Plants Vs Zombies collectibles are fun to collect at any time. However, near Halloween, these Plants Vs Zombies collectibles make interesting and cute decoration.

For example, you can add a Zombie from the Plants Vs Zombies Collection in your yard.

Inflatable Halloween Decorations For Your Patio, Lawn Or Garden

Holiday decorations seem to get bigger and better every year. Not only Christmas but Halloween too. I love these Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decorations. They include everything from ghosts to grim reaper, headless horseman, spiders, dragons, black cats, pumpkins, pirate ship and more. All menacing and cool at the same time. Check it out.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Causes Cancer?

What causes cancer? This is on my mind a lot these days. 

Cancer, the big C. These things don't happen to you or people you love. But then my mum died of it, my aunt is a breast cancer survivor and now my sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having a lumpectomy soon. Sigh.

Cancer is like a silent decease isn't it? I mean, my sister is very healthy. She goes around living life as usual, just like everyone else. She works hard. She just went to Phuket for a short weekend holiday. She came home. She felt a lump. She went for a masectomy and then wham! She is told that she has breast cancer and she is to have a lumpectomy. 

I mean it is so scary. You go about doing your daily business as usual. You don't feel sick. You don't think there is anything wrong with you and then all within a short span of two weeks, suddenly you are told that you have the big C and you are to have surgery. 

So, what causes cancer? The doctor told my sister that in her case it must be stress. She says that more and more she is beginning to see this group... stressed up women.

I told my sister not to ask herself "Why me?" so that she won't feel depressed but then, I am asking now. Why? 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

It Won't Be Long Before She Starts Taking Driving Lessons

Yesterday, we bought my girl a pair of new jeans. She couldn't fit into any jeans in the children's department. In the end, we bought her the smallest sized jeans from the women's department. My little girl is growing up fast. I was thinking that it won't be long before she starts taking driving lessons.

I remember when I first took my driving lessons. It was from a friend of my father's who ran a driving school. On the day of the driving test, I was so nervous, I knocked over a pole when doing the reverse parking test. I tried to pretend to look calm by chatting with the driving test examiner. Surprisingly, I passed the first time. Must have been something I said.

I also had to take a test on my knowledge of traffic situations. In my school we were given a book to study and that was it. You should find a driving school that will give you the most up to date information and materials. These days, most driving schools Scarborough will give you that.

However, it is still good and prudent to look around for a good driving school Scarborough and ask questions before you sign up for any driving courses. A good and patient driving instructor can really make a difference.

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