Monday, April 30, 2012

Emotional Intelligence At Home

You can read lots of write ups about how you should apply Emotional Intelligence at Work but what about at home? I think Emotional Intelligence should be applied at home by mothers especially. So what is Emotional Intelligence. To put it short, it is all about self awareness and self control.

I need lots of 'Emotional Intelligence' today. I know I need it when my girl tells me to "go and read it yourself" when I asked her to go through her work which I had market and added little pointers to help her. I felt like shouting back at her about how rude she was and how much effort I had put in it and how that makes me feel like not helping her in her work again (and I did to a certain extent) so I know I need 'Emotional Intelligence" in order to teach her to have self control. Heck! If I can't control myself how can I expect her to control herself?

I also need 'Emotional Intelligence' when the man tells me that he feels I am not doing things together with him. You know I like to do things together but you like to do things alone so you don't mind it so much. Oh yeah? I know I would have liked him to give more interest to my writings but it's always "I don't have time to read". I gave up trying eventually. Now, I am just happy if he takes a picture or two for my blog. I would also have liked it if he had shown more interest in my outing with my family instead of asking upon hindsight and sounding like he was asking just for the sake of asking. I was so excited about the dress I had bought cheap but instead, the words died on my lips because he is not really interested to know. There are more important things after all then a trivial dress. So the dress lies somewhere in a plastic bag still, unknown, unloved, undiscovered.

The more important issue right now compared to a cheap dress is he feels that I am not doing things together with him this time because we can't agree (as usual) about the kids school work. I really don't know how to resolve this one. I have always believed that as parents we should provide the balance in the kids lives. If the school pushes the kids hard, then we give them rest, play and other recreation. If the school is lax, then we push the kids harder in school work.

So why is it, that I am caught in a situation where I have to push the kids hard in their school work during weekends, school holidays etc when the school is pushing so hard. Their weekdays is already filled with work from morning till night with just enough time to eat in between and I have to do this during weekends and school holidays too? I want the kids to be able to have time to draw and read and write silly stories. They want to do this NOW but they never have the time.

How do you put on a united front, do things together, and accept the decision of the spouse when you don't believe in it?

I certainly need Emotional Intelligence with this one. Lots of it.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

When is Mother's Day 2012? Mother's Day is usually celebrated on the second Sunday of May annually. That means Mother's Day 2012 is on Sunday, the 13th of May, 2012. If you are looking for something to get for mom or some fun activities you can do with mom this Mother's Day, here are some great sites you can check out. You will find plenty of Gift Ideas for Mother's Day and ways to treat your mom to the best Mother's Day ever!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2012

What do Mother's Want
What Do Mother's Want

First, you'll want to check out what mothers want on Mother's Day. This site lists out 10 Things Mothers Really Want For Mother's Day. Check it out. You may be surprised at what mothers really want plus it will give you some idea on what you can do for mom this Mother's Day. Dads should really get involved too in planning activities for Mother's Day. It will make Mother super happy  to see Father and children bonding together like this.

Top 10 Gifts for Mothers
Top 10 Gifts for Mothers

If your mom is the type who loves to receive gifts, check out this page for 10 Great Gift Ideas you can give mom this Mother's Day. With a nice and clear layout with lots of pictures, you will have many ideas on what to get for mom for Mother's Day 2012. Dads, are you taking notes? Check out this page for 10 Great Gifts moms will love!

Mother's Day book of poems
A Gift For New Moms

If you know a new mom or mom to be, here's a book of poems just right for new moms. Read all about the joys of motherhood plus all the self-doubts and worries about being a mother and wife. Triumph through it all by being the best mom and wife you can be without losing your identity. All nicely presented in the form of poems and quotes. Plus there are lots of pretty pictures of kids crafts moms can do with young children. Get your paperback copy for mom from Amazon or CreateSpace.

Books For Mothers
Books For Mothers

If you are looking for books for mothers, then check out this page for book suggestions.

This compilation of books moms will love to read include evergreen books as well as new books for mothers, on moms and those written by moms. They are just right for Mother's Day, mom's birthday or just because!

Housework is not important, people are!
Gifts for Mom With Cute and Funny Quotes For Mothers

Visit my CafePress Store if you like gifts with quotes on them. It has lots of stuff for moms with funny quotes for mothers. You can get these gifts as a Mother's Day Gift for mom or for yourself or a friend who is a mother. These coordinated gifts with funny quotes for moms are designed to brighten up mom's day. You can get coordinated T-shirts, iPhone or iPad covers, posters, stickers, mugs, and more all with funny quotes on them.

2012 Mother's Day Gift Ideas
2012 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If it's Mother's Day Gift Ideas you are looking for, you won't be lacking of ideas. Here's another Mother's Day Gift Ideas site with lots of ideas on what to get for mom for this year's Mother's Day. There are lots of lovely card ideas here.

For Mom, Unique Gifts

If you are looking for some more gift ideas on what to give mom for this Mother's Day then have a look at this page.

It gives lots of gift suggestions from shoes to books or jewelry. You can also find ideas on what to get the athletic mum or the mother with a green thumb as well as flowers for mum.

Mother's Day Musical Water Globes
Mother's Day Musical Water Globes

I have always been fascinated by Snow Globes and Water Globes. This page is full of Mother themed Musical Water Globes, Snow Globes and Glitterdomes.

Angel JewelryWhether your mother is a collector or not these Musical Water Globes will surely delight any recipient of this gift. Great Gift Idea for mom.
Mother and Daughter Figurine

Gifts for Moms: Angel Jewelry

Another unique idea for Mother's Day gift is Angel Jewelry. Your mom has been an angel all your life silently guiding you and loving you. Why not give her jewelry with the Angel theme to tell her what an angel mom is? She will be delighted especially if you include a message about how much you love your guardian angel - mom!

Gifts For Mom From Daughter

Mother and Daughter Figurines make the perfect gift for mom from a daughter. The figurines capture a lovely moment caught in time, that precious mother and daughter moment for mom to remember. You will get plenty of ideas here for Mom and Child Figurine as a gift to mom from a daughter.

Mothers Day Flowers
Gift Ideas For Mom

Here is another page that will give you more ideas on what you can do for mom this Mother's Day. You can give mom a facial massage or weed the garden with her, spend a day out with mom at the cinema or treat her to a manicure. Besides these ideas to make mum feel special, you will get other gift ideas for what to give mom. Chocolates or flowers or DIY a gift basket for mom.

My Little Kitchen Mother's Day Gifts
My Little Kitchen Mother's Day Gifts

You will find cute little fairies figurines on this site. The My Little Kitchen figurines is by Ernesco. The selection featured on this site are adorable. They will surely grace any mother's kitchen, dining room or home with their cute poses.

These are perfect as a keepsakes for moms on Mother's Day or for Mom's birthday.

Food For Moms

Mother's Day Cupcakes

Good news for those living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can order these pretty Roses and Carnation Cupcakes for Mother's Day again this year. They have been brought back by popular demand and I can see the reason why. Yum. Yum.

Mother's Day 2012 Gifts - The Coffee Edition

Does your mom love coffee? If she does, this is a place to go to get gift ideas for the Coffee Lover Mom.

All the gift ideas on this page has a singular theme - Coffee. Nice for any coffee lover, not only a mom.

Cards For Mom

Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Card

Here's a Mother's Day Card which I like. I love the pastel colors. It makes me feel so peaceful. I think moms need a little peace sometimes, don't you? The best part that I like about this card is the fact that you can customize it any way you like, including the lovely Mother's Day Poem inside the card. Personalize your card by adding Mom's name on the card, she will love it for sure.

Mothers Day Cards
Mother's Day Cards

These days many people send electronic Mother's Day Cards for Mother's Day as well as for other occasions. However mom may prefer to receive an old fashioned card.

You will get some more gift ideas for mom here and see whether others are still sending cards these days by voting on the 'Are You Sending Mom A Card' Poll.

A Touching Story

Mother Son Love Story
Mother Son Love Story

Speaking of good reads, Mother's Day is a good time to read this Squidoo lens.

This Mother Son Love Story will have you in tears. Why not print it out and share it with mom.

This love story will inspire and warm the hearts of all mothers.

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Cost of Dental Visits

I have 8 dental crowns and recently while biting into a mushroom, I needed to get one of them replaced. The dentist discovered that there was another tooth which had gone bad and needed a new crown. That makes it a grand total of 9 crowns altogether. Ouch! That is, ouch on my pocket!

I had my dental crowns fixed years ago, around 15 to 20 years ago. At the time, I had very bad yellowing teeth. One day, I was sick and when I went to see a medical doctor, he said this to me when he shone the torch to see my throat. "Young lady, I think you should do something about your teeth." I went home feeling very depressed but that did it.

I went to visit the dentist and had my 8 crowns fixed right across my top front teeth. The dentist said that my teeth had that yellow discolored look probably because of some medication my mom took when she was pregnant that may have affected it.

Anyway that was that and I could smile with my mouth wide open after that instead of looking as though I was trying to hide some secret when I smiled. I take my children to the dentist regularly now. It did cost me quite a lot at the time. I'm sure it would cost even more if I were to do it now. I find that dentist visits cost us quite a bit. I wish that we have dental plans here. Dental plans are different from dental insurance. In a dental plan you can make an appointment with any participating dentist and enjoy on-the-spot discounts.

I would probably take advantage of a family dental plan rather than individual dental insurance to save on our annual checkups, cleanings, fillings and others. Hopefully, I won't need any more crowns.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gift Book for Mothers on Mother's Day

Gift Book For Mothers

Mother's Day is just round the corner. It is good time to now to hunt for gifts for mothers. Here is a little book I wrote. I think it is useful for new mothers to get an insight into motherhood and the joys and frustrations it sometimes brings. Though highly rewarding, motherhood is sometimes filled with turmoil and self doubt. Sometimes we even lose ourselves in the process.

I wrote the poems in this book over 8 years from the time my babies were little. They are now 8 and 10. In it you will find my struggle to find myself after becoming a mother and a wife. I'm still a new mother, still with much to learn. Inside this book, you will find lots of pictures of crafts I have done with my children plus my poems and thoughts organized into small chapters. Here is a quick peek at some of them.

You will find ....

  1. Oh! What A Joy It is To Be A Mother 
  2. Becoming a Mother Changes You 
  3. Bad Mommy Days 
  4. It’s Just Another Day 
  5. Time Waits For No Mom 
  6. Mothers And Daughters 
  7. Finding The Right Balance 
  8. We Are First Wives Before We Became Mothers 
  9. Love Is….. 
  10. And Baby Makes Three 
  11. Me, I, Myself 
  12. Me Time 
  13. Mothers Are Strong 
  14. One Day At A Time 
  15. I Am Myself! 
and more. They are written in the form of poems and quick quotes and organized in an easy way for busy moms to read and digest. You can purchase this for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

The book is available as paperback -
Or as an eBook -

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