Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

I wanted to post this on my Parenting Blog. Unfortunately, it is still out of action. I guess everyone is on holidays and there is no one to look at my submission for review and restoration.

Anyway, I just want to take this opportunity to wish readers of this blog or any of my other blogs a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. May you have a good year ahead of you.

Christmas Cards For Blog

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Not To Get Overwhelmed By Housework

I find that the best way not to get overwhelmed by housework is to break them into little tasks. For example, I can easily get overwhelmed by the number of clothes I have to wash and iron, the dishes I have to do, the mopping, the toilets to clean etc. 

Breaking all of these tasks into smaller more manageable tasks helps me get through the day more easily without feeling overwhelmed. I clean at super express speed too. For example, I will give myself just 10 minutes to clean the toilet and voila its done.

I iron the clothes intermittently a few times a day so it does not seem like a lot to iron. I will eat at super speed and while the kids are still eating, instead of nagging at them, I will iron one or two outfits and chat with them while they are eating. Considering the fact that we eat several meals a day, the ironing gets done before I know it. It is not back breaking to iron just two or three at a time instead of a whole basket or line of clothes.

That's it. My short household tip for the day. The way not to get overwhelmed by housework is to break it up into smaller tasks and do it real fast!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Kids Love To Help Around The House

At ages 8 and 10, the kids still love to help around the house, so I am making full use of this helpfullness before they outgrow it and reject helping altogether. At the moment, they love it when I ask them to

  • fold the clothes
  • hang up the clothes
  • wash the dishes
  • cook the rice
  • make the bed
  • change the bedsheets
  • sweep the floor
  • mop the floor
  • wipe the dust off the tables and shelves
They even offered to wash the toilet. Now is the time to teach them some good habits and to give them small tasks since they are so willing. I'm glad there is no need to 'bribe' or 'pay' them for their 'services'. 

There is just one 'problem'. This is what I saw when the kids were helping me to hang out the clothes. 

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They Grow Up So Fast

My kids are going to be 9 and 11 next year. I can't believe it myself. They grow up so fast. When I first started blogging, I was still breastfeeding my firstborn and now she is a tween. I can't imagine the challenges I will have to face when I have two teens in the house in a couple of years.

However, in the meantime, I shall still enjoy my babies. They will always be my babies no matter what age. Just the other day, I was looking at some brochures of baby clothes. I have been getting so many pamphlets and leaflets from departmental stores recently in view of the holiday shopping season.

I looked at the baby clothes and felt a twinge of melancholy especially when I look at the cute baby onesies and baby sleepers. I remember laying the babies down gently on the baby sleepers, putting their tiny hands through the sleeves and buttoning them up all the way, from one leg to another. Oh how I miss that! I showed the kids the Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes and told them about how I used to wear these cute little clothes for them. They love to hear stories like this about the time when they were babies or younger and we would all have a good laugh together travelling down memory lane.

Kids really grow up so fast. I wish that every parent will realize this and spend more time with their children when they are younger to form strong bonds with their kids. These days, so many parents are so busy trying to make more money to make a more comfortable living for their childrens' future (really nothing wrong with that) but sometimes this is done at the expense of the present moment which should be treasured.

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Do You Vacuum Your Mattresses?

My son's eczema is giving him problems again. He has a few spots on his legs, itchy spots that just grows and grows, the skin around those areas just keeps on getting thicker and sometimes it bleeds when he scratches too hard. The doctor said he may be allergic to dust mites and she advises us to vacuum the mattresses but how does one do that?

I couldn't bring myself to use the same vacuum I use for my floors on my bed, even though we have different nozzles for it. So, do I get another hand held vacuum to use just for the mattress? I'm at a loss on what to do. So, for the time being, I've got a dust mite spray to spray on the mattress but the doctor said that was not good enough. She said that even if the dust mite gets killed, we need to vacuum them away or they may cause problems too.

Not only that, me and my children are constantly sniffing and sneezing which could also be caused by dust mite allergies. However, now with the maid gone, I've got to deal with the rest of my housework first before I even think of getting Miele Vacuum cleaners.

I've been thinking of getting a dishwasher, dryer, deep fryer, steamer and more! I have so much to do and so little time and now there are so many devices that can help us but not enough money to get them all!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let Down

I feel disappointed and let down by my maid. We had good relations and there was no reason for her to leave so abruptly. Even, if she did not want to continue with her contract, the least she could do is to tell us about it. We would have understood, if it was something that her family wanted for example.

That is the thing about hiring maids. We form human relations with them and that is one of the reasons why I am not getting a new maid and considering getting a dishwasher instead. At least a dish washer won't let you down. If it breaks down, you just send it to the repair shop.

If  you have a maid, you can read my post on my personal blog to find out What To Do When Your Maid Does Not Return From Her Holiday. It will certainly help to be prepared.

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My Parenting Blog Deleted

My Parenting Blog was deleted for spam and is currently under review. My blog is not spam. It is a Parenting Blog that has been online for 8 years. I wonder what triggered this, maybe my account was compromised in some way.

Before the deletion, I had problems using google on my handphone. It kept on asking me for my password but when I keyed in my password,  it kept on saying it was the wrong password. So I used my desktop to enter the password and I vaguely remember, I had to request for a code to be sent to my handphone twice before I could enter my account.

After that, I found only 1 blog on my dashboard out of my 5 blogs. Yes, I have 5 but 1 of them is dormant at the moment and not made public. Anyway, I managed to quickly restore 2 more blogs. I can't remember how I did it. However, 1 more blog which was marked as deleted could not be restored. I had to fill up a form to request for it to be reviewed and restored.

After 2 days and still no news, I decided to post in Google groups to see if the process could be expedited. I really hope to get my blog back.

It is a diary of my kids activities, the crafts we did, the education issues we face and more. I always use google search to search for an event in our lives when I can't remember it and now its gone in its entirety and I can't access any of my posts. I want my posts back. They are my diary and that is what a blog is after all isn't it? A blog is an online diary. Only, the danger of an online diary compared to a pen and paper one is, the online diary can disappear overnight without warning.

I really hope to get my blog back soon. I feel so sad to see it gone.

Updated: My blog was restored after I posted in the Blogger Forum but after 6 days it was deleted again! I feel like pulling my hair out!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

List Of Household Chores Which I Hate The Most

Since my maid left, I have been busy being a full time housewife. Now, isn't that just fun? Household chores take up a great percentage of my time. I  hate doing housework. To me, they are a great waste of time, time that could be better spent with my children or on my blogs.

Anyway, here is a list of the household chores which I hate the most in the order in which they appear. What are yours?

  1. washing the toilet
  2. washing the dishes
  3. ironing clothes
  4. washing the drain
  5. cleaning the aircons and fans
  6. mopping the floor
  7. wiping the whole house, table tops, shelves, tv, cupboards etc
  8. cleaning the windows and grilles
  9. laundry and there's so much of it, clothes, shoes, kitchen cloths, table cloth, bedsheets....
  10. cooking which is so time consumming

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Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Best Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets

Each year, we look forward to receiving our Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets. I love to see how nicely they are presented and wrapped and want to keep it that way for a while. However the kids delight in unwrapping them to reveal the goodies within so they usually don't stay wrapped up for very long. After that, we usually keep the nice ribbons, flowers and other wrappings in our craft cupboard to be used for our crafts.

We haven't received any corporate Christmas Gift Baskets yet this year. I wouldn't mind receiving any of the following best corporate Christmas gift baskets below.

Here are the best 5 corporate Christmas Gift Baskets I found on Amazon. If you are looking for a Christmas gift basket for your business client and have not ordered one yet, you can consider them. These Christmas Gift Baskets also make an excellent hostess gift.

The Corporate Show Stopper™ Christmas Gift Basket

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Free Baby Products

There is no such thing as a free lunch ... or is there? In fact, there is and I'm talking about free baby products. Did you know that you can get free baby stuff online? Yes, there are many companies which are giving out free baby samples such as free baby bottles, free baby diapers (and we all know how expensive diapers can be), free baby cribs and more.

How do you get hold of free baby stuff? One way is to register yourself with an online company that works with baby product sponsors so that you can be notified whenever there are free baby stuff available. Caring for babies is expensive. There are so many things a baby needs.

In fact, you should start planning and saving for baby as soon as you are pregnant. Apart from free baby products, another way to save is to accept hand me downs from friends and relatives. Never be too shy or too proud to ask for hand me downs. Babies grow really quickly and quite often most of the second hand items you receive for baby are still new and useful. These are just some of the ways to save when you start having a family of your own.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2012

Kids have specific likes and dislikes, so when shopping for a child, it is good to stop for a moment and think about what the child likes. Does the child like animals, love music, enjoy Science? This will give you a very good idea about what to buy for the child. Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2012 based on what kids like whether they are gadgets, music, drawing or fashion.

These Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2012 are picked based on what a child likes. They will be better able to appreciate the gifts if it is something based on their hobbies and current loves and include gifts for girls who likes fashion, gifts for kids who like music, gifts for kids who like to draw etc. Just click on the link for more gift ideas in each category.

Gifts For Girls Who Like Fashion
Do you have a little fashionista at home? A little girl or teen who likes to play dress up, hold fashion shows, design clothes. A girl who admires your nails...
Gifts For Kids Who Like Animals
Kids love animals. They just do. Somehow kids have this natural loving and nurturing state towards animals. I think it is their innocence and eagerness to le...
Gifts For Kids Who Like Music
Have you got a budding singer or an aspiring musician in your house? If you have, he or she will love these musical toys, games and gifts for kids who like m...
Gifts For Kids Who Like Science
Have you got an inquisitive child at home? One who loves to ask questions and do experiments to find out how things work? I've got 2 of them at home. When th...
Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw
Do you have an aspiring little artist at home? One who loves to draw, color and paint at every opportunity? Kids who love to draw will love toys that allow t...
Top 10 Gadget Gifts For Kids
We live in the information and digital age. Kids are born to gadgets. They are exposed to all types of gadgets from the time they were babies. They start to ...

For a more comprehensive listing on Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2012 including gift ideas for different ages, go here Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2012

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Gifts For Mom 2012

Christmas is just around the corner. If you are looking for some Christmas gifts for mom for 2012, here are some ideas for you. These gift ideas for mom for Christmas 2012 are suitable to be given to moms from anyone. Kids can give these gifts to mothers or a husband can use these gift ideas for mothers for his wife too.

They include gifts for mothers who like to read, perfumes for mom, gifts for the mom who likes jewelry, gifts for mothers who like pink and more. This is just a small list. For a full list of gifts you can give to mothers this Christmas 2012, check out this page on Christmas Gifts For The Whole Family including mom of course. The list of gifts for mothers ideas are more extensive on that page.

Top 10 Gifts for Mothers
Looking for a gift for mom? This lens will give you 10 best gift ideas for a gift for mum, that lovely person in your life who deserves the best because she ...
Cute Jewelry Organizers
Have you ever been in a situation where you are rushing to leave the house. You want to pick that perfect piece of jewelry which you KNOW you have but you ju...
Books For Mothers
Here is a compilation of books for mothers. Whether mom is a busy working mom, a stay at home mom, a mom who works from home, most moms should love this read...
Mini Perfume Gift Sets for Women
What is a good perfume gift for women. A mini perfume gift set is the perfect perfume gift for a woman. Those adorable looking little vials offers versatilit...
Pink Gifts for Women
Pink is the color of love and romance. It is not wonder that many women like pink even from the time when they are little girls. Pink brings with it the imag...
Gifts For Moms With Funny Quotes For Mothers
I own a CafePress Shop called Stuff For Moms. Stuff for Moms is a Gift Shop with Funny Quotes for Moms to add a little sunshine to every mother's day. You w...

Shopping Guide for Christmas 2012

Besides gift ideas for mom 2012, here are some pages to give you ideas on what to buy for the kids or the rest of the family including father, grandparents, brother, sister and including special persons, left handed people, computer geeks, best friend and more.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Right Tools For The Right Task

Last year there was a freak storm in my housing area. Our porch lights were short circuited and we didn't have the time to fix it till now.

We called in some electricians who had to drill through our walls to do some concealed wiring. Unfortunately, they left a mess behind as most contractors often do. We had to clean up ourselves. It wasn't easy cleaning all the paint residue as well as the cement that had hardened on the floor.

We had to get some industrial type of acid to pour over the tiles. Fortunately, we have some professional grade tools to help us do the job. What a back breaking job it was to clean up the mess!

I think it is a good thing to invest in some professional grade tools. We also store some hardware equipment in the house. You never know when you might need them. One always needs to have the right tools for the right task at hand.

However, if you have young kids like we do, you should always keep these tools away from the reach of young curious hands. Keep all your hardware equipment as well as any cleaning liquids safely stored away and out of sight.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Facebook Addiction Is As Bad As Drugs

The other day I was reading about a lady with facebook addiction. According to the article, she would set her alarm clock to wake her up every 30 minutes at night so she can play facebook games. My, that is serious addiction and can affect your mental health just as much as drugs would.

Many people think that facebook addiction is not as bad as addiction to drugs or abuse of prescription drugs. However, it can be harmful to your health when it affects your sleep and waking activities. One possible sign of facebook addiction is trying to hide your facebook activities from your partner or parents.

It is not easy to be a parent these days, now not only do you have to worry about drugs which are unfortunately sometimes easily available in clubs and pubs or even prescription drugs which can be abused, you also have to worry about facebook addiction too, this seemingly harmless social media tool that has brought the world closer together.

These days, facebook addiction is treated alongside drug addictions in recovery centers like Morningside Recovery. Quite often many people who face addiction issues whether it is to drugs, prescription drugs or even to facebook may have underlying issues and centers like this may help to get to the root of the problem.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

You Don't Have To Rot When You Stay At Home As A SAHM

You don't have to rot when you stay at home as a stay at home mom (SAHM).

I am a SAHM and I often meet people who tell me "Oh, No, I can't stay at home 24/7 like you, I'd die of boredom!" Well, I didn't die of boredom, thank you very much. In fact, I'm thriving as I discoverd my passion in writing.

Today, I'm going to write about other SAHMs, amazing mommy bloggers and SAHMs from Malaysia who didn't die from boredom as well. In fact they are flurorishing and I don't think they have the time to feel bored. I have known some of them for a long time from our early blogging days, almost 8 years and that is a very long time indeed for the online world.

The SAHM mommy bloggers I have featured here are in random.

1. When I think of this SAHM blogger, I see cute crochet stuffed toys.

That's amazing Samm who is very talented in crocheting. She certainly has no time to be bored. She has several blogs and does amazing Amigurumi, a kind of Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed toys.

Check out Samm's Fibre Art Creations Blog and visit Samm's Amigurumi Cafe on Facebook. She's also a great cook as you can see here on her Organic Samm Blog.

She is also a SAHM to two lovely boys. Bored SAHM? I don't think she has the time.

2. Another amazing SAHM mommy who does not have time to rot is Montessorrimum who is a mother of four. She is a very hands on mother. I don't know where she finds the time to do all the crafty stuff she does with her kids who are still young.

Recently, when I think about her, I see Wikkistix,a creative craft tool, teaching aid and educational toy.

Wikkistix is her new baby. You can support this SAHM by visiting and liking her Wikkistix fan page on Facebook.

This is another SAHM who has no time to be bored. I can sense that sometimes she is restless and thinks about returning to work. Well, I wish her all the best whichever path she may choose but at the moment, I think she is doing very well indeed.

3. This pretty SAHM is an amazing lady. She is a mother to two active and adorable boys. You can read about their antics on her blog, She calls it Blablablabla - Our Comical Life.

A rotting SAHM she certainly is not. A very creative lady, she is a freelance graphic designer that designs prints on designs for packaging and premiums. I don't know which she does better, graphic designing or sewing or crafting and anything creative. She can create something beautiful out of anything.  

Perhaps you are wondering why I am  using the picture of bottles to represent such a creative person? That is because, besides busy creating and designing, you will most likely find Sasha at BYOB Subang Branch, a new concept store to reuse, recyle and economize by Bringing Your Own Bottles to buy detergent and other household stuff. Read Sasha's story about how she turned from BYOB user to owner here .

4. Her facebook page says: SAHM with 4 kiddies. Golf clubs are collecting dust and cobwebs in the store room. (She used to be a national golfer) Running an online Family Bookshop on the side. You can read the story about how she started her online Value Bookshop here. I guess that says it all. Being a mama of 4, she has lots of tips to give you on her blog Mama's Bag Of Tricks where she shares with you her personal collection of Parenting Tips and Tricks. Sometimes she shares interesting recipes too as you can see from this picture. Yum!
5. Shireen is a mother to three sweet little girls. Her youngest is pictured here. She has been through a lot which makes her all that much more adorable and sweet.

This is another SAHM who has no time to rot. In fact, she wishes she has more time to look after her dearies, her online store: Old & New Stuff For Sale and her several blogs.

In addition to running an online store and taking care of her 3 lovelies, she also writes several blogs, I've lost track of how many, this is one of them with many followers Health Freak Mommy and yes, in addition to this family blog, she has a separate health blog as well.

6. When I see baby slings and cloth pads, I think of Chin Nee and Mama Patch. She is a SAHM mother to twin boys and a girl.

You can see and read about her cute twins and girl on her blog Taking care of twins must be very tiring but it does not stop this amazing SAHM, online shop owner and blogger.

Bored? Who has the time to be bored?

7. This young and pretty SAHM and super mommy blogger, Merryn has a blog called Home Is Where My Heart Is. The title of her blogs says it all. Stay At Home Is where she belongs. Is she bored? No!

You will find  her running around a lot attending and blogging about many exciting events around town.

She is a mother to one very lucky boy who benefits from her creativity and home teaching. She also runs Crafty Crafted, a craft centre suitable for young children and toddlers.

You can see some of her cool crafts on her crafting blog called Crafty Crafted. You can get lots of crafting ideas for small children from this blog with craft instructions too.

8. This is a mother to one very lucky and talented little boy called Reese Mathew. Her blog is simply called "Resse Mathew's Secret Isle. I love the Education Category on her blog. Just reading it gives you an idea the amount of love and effort this mother puts into her child's education.

Not long ago, she started a Facebook page called Reese's Secret Gallery to showcase all of Reese's incredible drawings and art. The one on the left is one of his drawings. Can you guess how old Reese is to have drawn such an amazing artwork? Check out Reese's Secret Gallery to find out.

I could go on but I guess I will stop here. I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know these amazing SAHM's better. The message I want to impart in this blog post is SAHM's do not rot at home. SAHMs do not have time to be bored at home and SAHMs are certainly not boring people, don't you think so?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Ideas

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been very busy editing my Halloween pages on my Hubpages. This is the reason why I have been MIA here of late. Here are my Halloween Ideas all put together on a page for easy reference. Go here if you want to do Last Minute Halloween Craft with kids.

Originally written in 2012, this blog post has been updated to reflect the latest Halloween Ideas For 2014.

Halloween Ideas

Halloween Home Decorating Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012

On this site you will find Halloween Party Decoration Ideas for your Halloween Party.

From ceiling to table, from Halloween lights to Halloween tableware and how to decorate your Halloween food. plus Halloween banners and other things you can use to decorate your home for a Halloween Party.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Everything You Need For A Monster High Halloween Party

If you are planning a Halloween party for a group of giggly tween or teen girls, then  the Monster High theme is just right.

Girls will love the Monster High theme for any party, not just a Halloween one.

This page features everything you need for a Monster High Halloween Party including Monster High Halloween Costumes.

Halloween Trick or Treating Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012

On Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag Templates, you will find useful links for free Halloween Bag Templates for those who prefer to make their own Halloween Trick Bags. Alternatively, you can search for a featured one that you like.

Halloween stickers and other embellishments are featured too. You will need those if you are making your own trick or treat bags.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Halloween Theme Craft Supplies For Crafters

More Halloween Stickers, Halloween Ribbons, Halloween Rubber Stamps and other Halloween Embelishments are included here for you to make your own trick or treat bags.

Good crafters may also find some interesting Halloween Craft Supplies to make their own Jack-o-Lantern and other Halloween Crafts.

Halloween Ideas 2012
12 Popular Halloween Candies

Now that you've got your Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags ready, it is time to fill it with Candy.

No time to shop for Candy? You can shop online but first check out what are the 12 most popular Halloween Candies for all time.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Halloween Candy Alternative Ideas

Don't want candy? Most people would opt for non-candy ideas instead as they become more health conscious which is a really good thing.

This page has lots of non-candy alternatives to keep both kids and parents happy.

However, Halloween is not Halloween without candy. So you can keep candy to a minimum by including some of these non-candy alternatives.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012

First, start off with this page. It has many tips on choosing a Halloween Costume for Adults, Kids and even pets!

Besides tips, you will get plenty of links to all types of Halloween Costumes for adults, kids and pets with loads of information in each of the link.

Halloween Ideas 2012
10 Cute Baby Girl's First Halloween Costume

If this is your baby girl's first Halloween, you must stop here for the Baby Girl First Halloween Costume ideas. The Baby Girl First Halloween Costumes featured on this page are super adorable.

These Baby Girl First Halloween Costumes will make baby's first Halloween a memorable one. Remember to take lots of features for keepsakes.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Brother and Sister Matching Halloween Costumes

Siblings who dress alike can experience some bonding moments. If you are looking for ideas for brother and sister matching Halloween Costumes, stop by this page.

You will get lots of ideas for matching brother and sister Halloween costumes or for groups of two or three siblings including a boy and a girl.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Halloween Costume Ideas For Brothers, Friends And Groups Of Boys

If you have sons or a group of boys you want to dress up for Halloween, check out this page for some cool ideas on how to dress them up in co-ordinating Halloween Costumes to double or triple the fun.

The Halloween Costumes ideas for brothers here include those from popular themes as well as other original boy costume ideas.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Top 12 Superhero Costumes For Boys This Halloween 2015 (Updated)

In addition to the above Halloween Costume Ideas for brothers, here are some more Halloween Costume for boys.

This one is on Halloween Costumes for boys who love superheroes like Batman and Robin, Superman, The Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman and more.

Halloween Ideas 2012
Best Halloween Superhero Costume For Girls 2015 (Updated)

Boys are not the only ones who like to save the world.

The Halloween Superhero Costumes For Girls featured on this page should keep active girls who love an action movie happy.

You can get girl versions of just about any superhero there is accept The Hulk. I don't think I want to dress my little girl up as The Hulk.

Other Halloween Ideas

Halloween Ideas 2012
Plants Vs Zombies Collectibles

Plants Vs Zombies collectibles are fun to collect at any time. However, near Halloween, these Plants Vs Zombies collectibles make interesting and cute decoration.

For example, you can add a Zombie from the Plants Vs Zombies Collection in your yard.

Inflatable Halloween Decorations For Your Patio, Lawn Or Garden

Holiday decorations seem to get bigger and better every year. Not only Christmas but Halloween too. I love these Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decorations. They include everything from ghosts to grim reaper, headless horseman, spiders, dragons, black cats, pumpkins, pirate ship and more. All menacing and cool at the same time. Check it out.

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