Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Minor Seizure or Nightmare

Another night incident.... on the 7th day of CNY.

I was woken up by a sound, the girl came to peer down at me from over the bed. I sleep on the floor. I asked her what was wrong but she did not answer me momentarily. She was drooling. I called out to daddy. He came immediately. He took her in his arms and she could speak to him then.

Yet again, we are not sure whether it was a minor seizure or a nightmare.

I read this article about Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and was worried about the similarities in what happened. However, based on my own knowledge and fears plus neurologist visits, perhaps I am looking for a needle in the haystack. Who knows?

All I can do is record it down, and continue to make sure she has little stress, enough rest and sleep and continue to pray for her safety and well being.

Making sure she has enough rest is a daily challenge with her school workload.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Love is...........

5 more days to go ............. to Chinese New Valentine's Day. Double Joy! Double the love! Double the Happiness!

To all the mothers out there, I would like to wish you Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day and leave you with an inspirational movie to remind you what LOVE IS..... (Click on the words "LOVE IS" to view the movie).

Even if you are too busy or you do not usually celebrate Valentine's Day with your spouse (like me), it is good to stop awhile to think about your relationship with your spouse and children and other extended family and why you love them..... and not why you are mad at them. ;)

I hope you enjoy the movie. It is from my favourite site. I like to go there from time to time to get inspired, to get cheered up when I am down. Some of the movies make me cry. It is amazing what shedding a little tears can do. It is good as a stress reliever to release pent up emotions and to move on from unhappiness.

Anyway, mothers who read this blog and mothers who just happen to be passing by....


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