Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Toilet Training Day Five - Little bare bottom made it to the bathroom on time

My husband often says I never learn from my mistakes and so was the case for today's toilet training. The whole morning went rather well because I took baby diligently to the bathroom BEFORE he peed into his pants.

Then we had lunch. Right after lunch I wanted to take baby to the toilet to poo but before I managed it, he peed in his pants. I undressed him and wanted to make him poo in the toilet bowl but yet again, my girl came running and said "Let me go first. I can't wait." and so like a repeat or a movie rerun, I let her go first and left the boy to go and wash up his wet clothes. While I was at it I heard shouting from my girl.

I went to check and saw my girl still on the toilet bowl and my boy standing proudly in the bathroom shower area with his poo on the floor. He was so proud of himself for having made it to the bathroom on time but poor baby. His mother was away washing his clothes while his sister was on the toilet bowl so he couldn't go there. He went to the next available place instead ie the bathroom floor. Poor little thing. His look was cute. He looked happy with himself for being smart enough to do it in the bathroom but at the same time he stood still, not daring to move less he step on the poo. Lol!

How I wished that I wasn't away at the time and the toilet bowl was available but at least he was smart enough not to poo elsewhere. So thats a start. I shall give him a little star on the calander today for this little achievement. Small steps. Small steps but we'll get there, yes baby?

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