Monday, March 05, 2007

Toilet Training Day One - 7 accidents and a successful poo

The day started off by waking the kids and making baby go to the toilet first thing before changing him into his new underwear for the first time. He was very amused by his new navy blue underwear with a bespectacled girrafe cartoon print on it. After that I put him on the potty which was placed over the adult one and he was again very amused. "Why am I sitting on cheh cheh's one?" (Why am I sitting on sister's potty?) he questioned me. I explained to him that it was sitting on it to poo and he giggled.

Then I gave him his milk and planned to take him to pee again an hour later. An hour and 5 minutes later (I did not stick to the an hour a visit plan because I was busy) he came running to me and said "Mummy wet" Oops! First accident. I cleaned him and changed him. Hmmm.... at this rate we will run out of new underwears very, very soon. I hope I can wash and they will be dry and ready to reuse when needed. Hahaha!

I'm a real lazy mum. I don't potty train my kids. When they are ready for toilet training, I take away the diaper immediately and put them on the adult toilet right away. :P

To be continued....

By the end of the day, we had 7 accidents (several on the floor, one on the carpet, one on the car toy seat, one on the chair) and we had one successful poo in the toilet bowl for the very first time. Yeah! He looked very surprised when that happened. The look on his face was priceless. Hahaha. We had also run out of underwears so I made him wear him wear just shorts.
(Note: After a while the accidents came closer together like once in 15 minutes! Maybe I'll have to buy more underwear soon.)

As for his sister, she didn't wet her bed when she woke up from her nap as she usually does so we gave each of them a sticker on the calander. His sister for staying dry and the boy for his successful poo. I wonder what day two holds for us. We'll see.

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