Monday, March 19, 2007

Toilet Training Day Seven - Pee or Poo?

The accidents are getting fewer now and I didn't have to buy another set of underwear afterall. Now baby knows how to stop himself as soon as he feels a pee coming. He also managed to tell me that he wanted to poo but when I took him to the toilet seat and sat him there for a while, nothing came out. When I wore his underwear and left him alone, he had his poo after a while. I think he is used to poo standing up! Lol! That is why he had trouble sitting down for a poo.

Baby is still having trouble differentiating between the two. When he wants to poo, he tells me he wants to pee. When he is peeing, he tells me he is pooing. I am not worried though. Its only a matter of time before he gets it and he just needs to get used to sitting down on the toilet seat and having a poo into the toilet bowl, that is all.

Other that this, I believe we are doing very well and making good progress. We only had one accident today and he can stay dry most of the time now.

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