Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bedtime Routines

Before I became a mum I had no bedtime routine. I went to bed whenever I felt sleepy.

After I became a mum, I couldn't go to bed whenever I want, not even when I am sleepy!

I guess I became a mum the moment I became pregnant. Sleep was evasive then. I had bad morning sickness that lasted all day and all night. In the later stages of pregnancy, I had to get up several times a night to visit the toilet. It was also difficult to turn and lying in the same side position was tiring.

After the baby came along, I lost the concept of day and night. The days went by in a blur of feeds, milk expression and more feeds. There was no proper sleep routine as I had to feed baby every 2-3 hours.

It was only after the baby hit toddlerhood that some semblance of bedtime routines returned.

The kids are 4 and 6 now and our bedtime routine goes something like this....

  • Milk & Supper
  • Brush Teeth, Pee, Wash Up
  • Change to pyjamas
  • Get the beds ready and comfy
  • Storytime or Chat time
  • Lights off

The entire process takes about an hour. Sometimes I wish, I could just jump straight into bed without going through an entire hour getting everyone ready for bed. Oh and I mustn't forget the daddy too must I? Usually I make a hot drink for him and then give him a foot massage while he winds down by watching a show. That is if I still have the energy left over for him after the one hour getting the kids ready for bed. Poor daddy. Poor mommy.

How long is your bedtime routine mommies and daddies?

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Schedule for Milk Teeth to be replaced by permanent teeth

Over the weekend my 6 year old girl lost two more milk teeth. One top front teeth and another lower front teeth. (Her two lower front milk teeth has already been replaced by permanent teeth earlier. The new lower front permanent teeth had come in behind the milk teeth and it took some time before the milk teeth dropped off.)

Now the same thing is happening to the lower front teeth that is beside the new permanent teeth. New permanent teeth has come up behind the milk teeth. Now, one of the milk teeth has dropped off. I am waiting for the other to drop off soon as it is lose now.

As for the top front tooth, it came off not at the root but got sort of broken off so there are still small parts that will eventually drop off. The new permanent teeth has not grown in behind the milk teeth unlike the lower teeth so I suppose those will come in later. The other top front teeth is getting lose now too so I expect it to drop off anytime.

For the record, she's got 6 permanent teeth now. 2 lower molars, 2 fully grown lower front teeth and 2 more growing lower front teeth next to the fully grown permanent ones. She has lost 4 milk teeth in all. 3 lower front teeth and 1 upper front tooth.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Internet Radio Station for New Parents

The other day I was reading a story to my little girl. The story was about computers and how useful it is to people. As I was reading the story, I was explaining to her about how we use our own computer at home.

We use it to store our photos, we use it as a dictionary or reference, we use it to watch short video clips of news or cartoons, we use to play games. Why, we even use it to tell the time! Lol! We use it to listen to the radio too and of course I must not forget blogs. We use it to blog and read blogs. We use it for networking too judging from the number of social networking sites recently.

Since this blog is for mothers, new and old, I'd like to highlight to you a radio site for New Parents. A Station you can listen to for Baby Information, it is called My Baby Radio.Com Its an Internet radio station for new parents. Imagine that. A Radio Station dedicated to all things baby. How lovely.

It has competitions, blogs, podcasts, online chats etc. You can listen to interviews with celebrity parents, parenting experts and real mums and dads. Fellow bloggers can post comments on the site as well. The Site is updated daily while the radio station is updated on a weekly basis.

Blogger mommies and daddies can submit your sites for inclusion in the Parenting Blogs Directory on the site.

Happy Listening or perhaps Happy Participating would be the more correct word to use. :)

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stop to smell the .......... babies

I am sure that everyone has heard of the saying "Stop to smell the flowers."

In the same sentiment, I would say "Stop to smell the babies." Babies are the softest, sweetest smelling beings in the world. Their cheeks and little hands and feet are soft to the touch. Much better than silk. They are so sweet smelling, much better than any perfume in the world. So stop to smell the babies.

Many parents are working harder and harder to strive to get a better life for their families in the future but I hope that they remember to stop to smell the babies because before you know it the babies will no longer be babies and you will have missed the moment. I have seen many parents take on jobs that take them away from their babies and little ones in their pursuit for a better life for their little ones. I hope that they have not forgotten to smell the babies and miss the moment.

In striving to give our children better lives, we must not forget to enjoy them for what the are NOW. If we want to have better communication with our teens, we must start communicating and establish a bond with them NOW when they are babies. Don't forget to live for the moment while trying to build a better future.

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