Friday, March 30, 2007

Reward System

I used a reward system to encourage my kids during the toilet training process. I must say that it has worked out extremely well. I don't think they were even very interested in what awaits them at the end of accumulating enough stickers or stars. They were excited just by the process of going to the calander, picking their stickers and sticking them in the little boxes with numbers. Lol!

My girl has a booklet of Hello Kitty stickers to choose from while my boy had his car stickers. The booklets were really cheap. I got them for RM2.50 each at the Pasar Malam (night market). It contains about 500 - 600 little stickers in various shapes and designs. (Who says good things don't come cheap eh? You just have to keep an eye out all the time for a good bargain).

The reward system certainly made them more aware and careful about their toileting moments. (Haha. Don't know what other word to use) They are enjoying it and I shall probably use it again in the future for other things.

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  1. Wah, pasar malam stickers are really cheap. I'll need to stock up when I'm back in town..hehe

  2. Hehe..My son's teacher reward him with sweet for the 1st few days to poo in the toilet bowl. For the past 3 days, he's been asking my maid to bring him to poo in the toilet without any rewards. Thumbs up for Keith!!


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