Thursday, May 24, 2007

Toilet training is easier when kids are ready and motivated

I had mentioned ealier that my girl promised not to wear diapers to sleep anymore and try to stay dry after her 5th birthday. She has stayed dry a long time ago during the day (I can't remember when) and recently for daytime naps but not during the night.

I had tried to get her off diapers during the night several times before unsuccessfully ending in tears, frustration and anger on both our parts. It was a real disaster!

Now she has made her own move and commitment to stay dry. And its been good so far. She said she wanted to give it a try one time before her birthday and so she did but she woke up the next morning with the bed all wet and in tears.

After her birthday she tried again. The first morning she patted her bed when she woke up and was happy with her success and achievement when it was dry. We gave her a doughnut and a star to encourage her. Last night (the 2nd night) she woke up at 3.00am and I took her to the toilet to pee. This morning she woke up and was dry and happy again. She got another star.

She's working on collecting 30 stars before getting the toy she has been eyeing. Her 3 year old brother has got about 18 stars now and on his way to getting his present. Soon we will be diaper free and saving lots and lots of money! Yippeee!!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Longing for another baby

Once I complained about large maternity dresses, now I look at them with longing.
Once, I complained about how tired newborns make me, now I look at newborns with loving eyes and more longing.
Once I complained about how heavy I felt during pregnancy, now I wish I could get pregnant.
Once I complained about morning sickness and leaking breasts, now I wouldn't mind them for the rewards they reap.
I wish very much to have another baby but I can't due to age and my health.

Hubby and I have always unanimously agreed and wanted to have three kids but it seems like our wishes will not come true now. I'm not getting any younger at 41 this year. We tried but I had a chemical pregnancy instead and now with my condition and being on medication that could be harmful to a baby, our wishes seem further away and more impossible now. I can only look at cute, cuddly newborns and pregnant mummies with envy because alas it is not to be for us. And anyone reading this, please don't tell me, you've already got two, you should be happy and thankful. Of course I'm happy and thankul but I'm also sad at the same time.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Who says boys are slower to toilet train?

My 3 year old boy is fully toilet trained now and it took me only about 1-2 weeks to do it. I trained him for the day time but as soon as that was done, he automatically stopped wetting his diapers at night. Phew!

On the other hand, my 5 year old girl still wears diapers at night. I think its my fault really. Previously when I tried to take her off her nighttime diapers, I would get so worked up and annoyed whenever she wet the bed that she has developed a scare about the whole process, I'm afraid.

She wakes up with a heavy diaper each morning and each night we would have the same conversation. She wants to pee every few minutes. Its really tiring. She has promised to go off her diaper when she turns 5 next week. And I have promised to give her a reward after collecting 30 stars. Lets see how that turns out. I'll report here.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Toilet Training Tales

My boy learned to pee and poo in the toilet in about a week. However, at first he wanted to pee sitting down on the toilet seat like his sister. "No, no, I told him. You have to do it standing up." so I showed him how to pee in the bathroom because he was too short for the adult toilet (or so I thought) and after he was done, I would spray him and the floor with the shower because he would get some pee on his legs as well.

During the training week, I wore his diaper when we were out ... just in case.... but one day while we were out, he told me that he wanted to pee. His daddy said that I should find a toilet and take him or I would be teaching him the wrong things by telling him to pee in his diapers but now I had a problem. How on earth would I be able to get him off his diapers, then make him pee standing up since I hadn't thought him how to aim his pee? Eventually, we found a toilet and I struggled to take off his diaper and put in on again and he wet his jeans a little. Poor little fella.

Anyway, my problem is resolved now. While I was in the hospital, his daddy thought him how to aim his pee and he learned it in just one day. Lol! Now when he wants to pee, he would stand at the adult toilet and aim. So no more diapers for going out. Things are so much easier now. I've always asked his dad to teach him, since he would learn much better by observing but his dad left the toilet training job to me. Hmmmrph!

He is also dry every night now and I didn't have to train him at all. When I was done toilet training him in a week during the day, he just stayed automatically dry every night and tells me he wants to pee in the morning.

My girl on the other hand has learned to stay dry during nap times but I'm still having problems with the night time training. I have promised her a little dollhouse if she stays dry so lets see if that motivates her to stay dry. I'll post my progress with her later on.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Mummy

  • My mummy was soft spoken, gentle and beautiful
  • My mummy had good taste in music. She listened to beautiful harp and guitar music.
  • My mummy was a wonderful cook! Oh those nonya food, cakes and kuihs and sounds and smells of cooking.....
  • My mummy was a wonderful tailor. She made many of our clothing with lovely embroidery on them
  • My mummy looked after herself well. She would pose in front of the mirrors and look this way and that and spent a lot of time putting creams on her face
  • My mummy was brave. It must have been very, very hard to be diagnosed with a terminal illness at the prime of her life and leave behind a husband and five children within a year after that
  • My mummy loved us very much. Even in death, she said she wanted to be cremated so that when we visited her grave, we wouldn't have to walk through long grass or "lalangs" and do any weeding, so that we didn't have to get our hands and feet dirty.

This is what I remember of my mummy and all my life, (since I was 10 when she died at age 46), I wish that you were here to guide me along, mummy, even now, I wish you were here, more than ever.

To all those whose mums are still around, please cherish them and cherish being a mother yourself. There is no better "job" in the world then being mother. Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Mother's Day falls on May 13 this year.

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