Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Toilet Training Day Two - Awareness and an accident trail

I'm writing this in the evening. So far we've had 3 accidents. The spills are less now since baby is quite aware that he is wet. Its different if he's wearing diapers. In underwears, he can tell when he is wet. He stops himself after wetting a little bit, I think. He still can't tell me BEFORE he wants to go. He tells me AFTER the fact but at least he tells me and he tells me right after the fact.

During one of the incidents, he was standing in front of the bathroom door. I had been telling him that I was going to take him to the bathroom to pee but I got sidetrack by other housework. He then came running to me to tell me that he had peed. I asked him how come he peed on the floor again and not in the bathroom and he said "I waiting for Mummy." Lol! Hey! Maybe we're making some progress afterall.

So far, the fewer accidents is not an indication of success. It merely means better timing in getting him to the toilet on time on my part. Lets see how we fare for the rest of the day. I'll update this later.

In the late evening, there was another accident. I had just spend about 15 minutes in the toilet with baby to get him to have a poo. After that I was packing some rubbish to throw when he told me that he was wet in the dining hall. Being halfway through a task and rather distracted, I stripped him off his wet clothes and left him while I carried on with my work. When I got back, he had left a trail of pee all over the dining area. Oops! My lesson? Always deal with baby BEFORE anything else. I had thought that since I had just taken him to the bathroom not too long ago, it would be allright not to take him to the bathroom again till I finish my task. How wrong I was. He had afterall just drank his milk just before this so his bladder must have been full again.

By the end of the day, he still did not have a poo. He usually goes at least once or twice a day. He must have been too AWARE of toileting to have a poo!

As for my girl, she played all afternoon and skipped her nap so we do not know how she did today. So, both of them did not get a star sticker to stick on the calander today. We'll see how the next day goes.

Hubby's comment: Are you sure this is how you are supposed to toilet train your kids? He asked this when he saw me rushing around wiping floors. Hahaha. Well, I'm not sure, but I'm going to give this a try for at least two weeks before raising the white flag and rethinking my toilet training strategy.

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