Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Toilet Training Day Eight - My Gosh! He's Got It!

Today baby told me he wanted to pee 3 times in advance and he also told me he wanted to poo ahead of time. I think he's got it! Yippee! Hurrah! I gave him two stars today.

With this achievement, I shall officially declare baby toilet trained and our intensive one week toilet training over and I won't be giving anymore daily updates. Lol! Oh, I'm sure there will be more accidents along the way but the progress we've made is amazing. I don't know why I was dreading this for so long. It hasn't been all that bad at all.

Its definitely easier to train when they are ready for it, mentally and physically. It saves a lot of work too. Like I mentioned at the start. I'm lazy. I don't clean potties and I don't use potties. I just use a child toilet seat placed over the adult toilet seat. This way, I never have to empty and clean out dirty, stinky little potties.

His sister has been good too so far, waking up from naps dry. I shall continue with this for a little while longer before getting them each a toy they both deserve and which they have been eyeing as a reward I had promised.

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  1. will use this as guide when my son is old enough to be potty trained!

  2. It makes me wonder how my mom and nanny trained when I was that age.

    As for my DD, she is still young, though I know my neighbour is already potty training her DD, who is a week younger than my DD(10 m.o.).

  3. stupe,
    I summarised it all into a "guide" in my next post which you can check later on. :)

    Yes, I don't know how my mum did it too because she's no longer here and I can't ask her but I hope that my daughter and son can check back this blog and know how I did it. Hahaha.


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