Thursday, February 19, 2009

The biggest milestone as a parent so far...

Probably the biggest milestone I encountered in bringing up my "babies" so far is not when they first rolled over, sat up, took their first steps, sprouted their first teeth, first solids, toilet training etc. Those were exciting moments but the biggest moment for me as a mother or parent is when they take their first steps into school.

Not playschool, preschool or kindergarten but "big" school, primary school or whatever it is you choose to call it. This is the time my child grows away from me to experience new things. She has to adjust to an environment away from home, make new friends, deal with peer pressure, the way they do things at school etc.

This poses the biggest challenge to me as a parent so far... How to help my child... How to help my child grow into a warm, confident, kind adult.

Yesterday, my girl's teacher said that my girl is "very no confidence" Now, I am cracking my head on how to help her. How to help her improve her self confidence and self esteem.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jealousy and Unfair Treatment

Now that my kids are older, they have begun to voice out when they think they are being given unfair treatment.

As parents, we try to be as fair to them as we can. We love them equally and we also try to treat them equally. I believe that problems between siblings can arise from unfair treatment from parents whether perceived or real.

Here are some instances when the kids actually "voice" out when they think we are being unfair.

  1. During a recent holiday, I was very tired when my girl came to wake me up. I yawned and went back to sleep. A moment later, her little brother jumped on me and gave me a cheeky smile. I smiled back at him and the girl said "Mummy, why do you act so excited when you see him but when you see me, you don't?"
  2. I am very concerned about how my girl is adjusting in school so I make a lot of effort in talking to her about school. Last night, after I spent more than a few minutes chatting to her about school in bed, her little brother who was beside us suddenly said "Mummy, why you never ask me about my school?"
  3. During the end of last year, I spent a lot of time preparing my girl to be mc for her school concert. I also spent a lot of time at the kindy watching her practise and giving her moral support. Her little brother who had just started kindy this year said "Mummy, can you stay and watch my concert? (He thinks that singing the school song in the mornings during assembly is a concert. lol) You always stay and watch cheh cheh."

In a way, it is good that they voice out their unhappiness, it helps me keep a check on our fairness meter at home. :)

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