Monday, December 28, 2009

Towards a more frugal 2010

I have not been very good at saving money this year, 2009. My husband complains that my favourite word is "BUY!" :P Perhaps I should change it to "SAVE!" next year, 2010, which is just around the corner.

In order to change my "favourite word" to "SAVE!" I am listing down all the things I need to do and how I need to change my mindset to a more Frugal state of mind. I don't really do New Year Resolutions, I prefer to fix resolutions all year round. However, since New Year is just around the corner, maybe this could qualify as a New Year Resolution.

Here's what I hope to do:

  1. - Eat in more and eat out less. Eating out is so expensive. When eating out, choose what I eat carefully. It could really matter to my waistline as well as my purse! For example, I will drink mineral water instead because drinks are very expensive when eating at a restaurant

  2. - Go through my finances regularly. Check my bank statements against receipts to make sure there is no fraud. Know my bank balances

  3. - Use coupons and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate when I buy anything. For example, try to negotiate for better terms or extras when purchasing. Time my purchases during sales periods for a better bargain. Oh, there I go again. I just used my "favourite word" "BUY!" :P I shall learn to BUY smart next year

  4. - Buy only things I need. Make a shopping list when I go shopping and stick to it!

  5. - Review my insurance policy which just expired. I found that insurance is a good form of "forced savings" for me since I am not very good at saving. I also heard that you can save on auto insurance

  6. - Use my credit card carefully and make up to date payments. Try to save from paying credit interests

  7. - Buy less toys for the kids. Teach the kids to save too. Teach them about the importance of money and the importance of saving. I think that in any household, savings start with mom. So I shall start with me but I shall teach the kids too in the process

  8. - Spend less during the holidays. I must learn to budget during holidays. That will really help me to save. The year end holidays is almost over and I can see how much I've spent! I could have saved more if I had been more careful about my budget. Hmm... Anyway, we have Chinese New Year just round the corner. It is time to budget for that since we've spent so much during the Christmas holidays

I've been long winded as usual. To sum it up, in 2010, I hope to Save More and Spend Less. I really hope to keep my resolution. What about you?

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