Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Burden Of Responsibility Of A Mum And A Housewife

I was not feeling well for the past week. To make matters worse, my full time helper at home went back to her hometown for a holiday for a month. To make it even worse, the boy was not able to attend school for about a week due to some virus which gave him vomiting and diarrhea. To add to the troubles, his sister had chicken pox and had to stay home for a week too. The spouse had lots of important meetings during this time so he was not able to help out very much. The kids have piles of homework to catch up on.

However, with the kids sick, there was no way they could eat takeaway food from outside. So, even though I felt feverish, nausea and ill, I had to drag myself out of bed to prepare food and clean up, make sure the toilets were clean enough not to make anyone else more sick then they already were and take care of other basic hygiene. That is the burden of responsibility.

Meals have to be taken care of or there will be nothing to eat. Clothes need to be laundered and ironed or there will be nothing to wear and basic hygiene and cleanliness must be met in the house and by its occupants and it is mum's burden of responsibility that the tiny people of the house understand this. Kids are back in school and there are tons of homework to catch up on, little uniforms to wash and press, homework help required.

Right at the time when I need it most to recover faster, I can't sleep just thinking about all there is that needs to be done. That is the burden of responsibility. Dad may talk about the financial burden but this certainly isn't any easier. Thankfully, I have a helper to assist me most of the time. I hope she comes back.

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