Monday, November 09, 2015

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Online

If you have a little one who loves Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends, read this hub to find out where you can get more information about Thomas and Friends online.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Thomas and Friends. Percy, James, Gordon, Edward. My little guy loved them all. This site is for all little boys or girls (why not girls) who loves Thomas and Friends and of course the parents or guardians of these little ones to guide them to safe sites to play and learn about Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Online.

We heard so many of the Thomas the Tank Engine songs it still strikes a familiar chord whenever we listen to any of them.

Use Thomas to teach

You can use your little one's interest in Thomas the Tank Engine to teach him or her all about transportation.

Thomas the Tank Engine Official Site

Our first stop is naturally the Thomas the Tank Engine Official Site. Here you will find Thomas and Friends Games, Thomas the Tank Engine Activities, Thomas Videos and more.

The must visit stop on this site is the Thomas the Tank Engine Depot where you will get to see the list of ALL the Engines on Sodor Island with pictures and a brief introduction about the Engine. Definitely a must visit stop for all parents if you want to know what engine your child is talking about. It never ceased to amaze me how my son and daughter used to remember all the names of all the engines on the island of Sodor.

Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki

Here is the wiki on Thomas the Tank Engine. Do read up about Sir Topham Hatt, The Fat Controller. He is the head of the railway.

Here you will get many facts about Thomas and friends that you never knew about. For example, did you know that Thomas was the only fictional character alongside 98 real-life adults included in the Independent on Sunday's 2009 "Happy List", for making Britain a better and happier place.

Thomas the Tank Engine Episode List

Here is the Thomas the Tank Episode List, all 463 of them. Wow! The list is compiled by IMDB together with a short summary about each episode. Very useful for Thomas the Tank Engine book and dvd collectors.

Thomas the Tank Engine Reward Charts

Reward Charts are great for teaching responsibility, time management and getting things done. Thomas the Tank Engine fans will be motivated with these Thomas the Tank Engine Reward Charts.

Thomas and Friends Printables

You can get some Thomas the Tank Engine Printables including online coloring pages for Thomas and friends at plus Thomas Party Invitations if you are planning to have a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday theme for a Thomas fan.

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday

Why not plan a Thomas the Tank Engine theme party. Your little Thomas fan will be thrilled!!

Bake a Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

If you are planning a Thomas the Tank Engine theme birthday party for a little Thomas the Engine fan, you might like to bake a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to bake a Thomas the Tank Engine Cake. You definitely have to visit this site even if you don't bake. The cake is simply amazing!!

Thomas the Tank Engine Activities

At DLTK's Crafts for Kids, you will find plenty of Thomas The Tank Engine Crafts as well as more Thomas the Engine Printables.

I like the Thomas and Friends Birthday theme ideas and games, Thomas the Tank Engine printable chore charts and Thomas and Friends iron on transfers for T-shirts etc. You can also find crafts for James the Red Engine and Percy the small Engine here.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Get the Best Out Of a Home Renovation Project

A home renovation can be a daunting task. It is also an exciting project that brings with it the possibility of adding more space within the home and better utilizing existing space. There are a few steps that homeowners can take in order to guarantee that their renovation runs smoothly.

First and foremost, homeowners should know their budget and stay within it. Some homeowners mistakenly enter into a complicated renovation project thinking that if they spend money on projects or items that they cannot afford, the money will just appear to cover the expenses. The reality is that this is not the case. For this reason, it is good for homeowners to do their homework before starting their renovation. They may want to speak to friends and family members who have done similar jobs and ask them how much they paid for certain items. It is also a good idea to talk to a trusted contractor who has experience doing home renovations since they will be able to walk the homeowner through the different expenses that they might incur. If a homeowner is considering doing a rough in project tomorrow, it is important that they first get quotes today

Once a homeowner makes a budget, it is a good idea for them to tack on an additional 15 to 20 percent for unexpected expenses that will arise. It is recommended that if at all possible a homeowner should save up money to spend on their renovation as opposed to borrowing. Renovation projects are a lot more satisfying if they are paid for in advance.

Next, homeowners should have a realistic view of what they are going to have once the renovation is complete. It is nice to dream about the ideal living room, master bedroom, or kitchen space. However, when it comes time to actually begin the project, homeowners should have a realistic plan in place that takes into consideration their budget, the resources they have at their disposal, and their existing home.

Part of being realistic means understanding that at times renovation projects may need to be done in stages. Instead of completely renovating the kitchen and then installing a marble bathroom, homeowners may need to tackle one project at a time.

Finally, when it comes to renovations, a homeowner should realize that it is the details that can make or break a renovation. Failure to schedule different aspects of the renovation in advance may delay the project by weeks or months. For example, it does very little good to order beautiful bathroom faucets if the rough in for the plumbing has not been done. Proper planning and scheduling will go a long way in guaranteeing that a renovation goes smoothly.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Best Dolls To Buy For Girls For Christmas And The Holidays

This post features some Holiday and Christmas theme dolls suggestions to help you fill up a stocking with cute dolls for little girls. You can also buy these dolls as a birthday present.

Welcome to my Holiday Dolls Gift Guide!

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls. Dolls for toddlers and preschoolers, Dolls for Tweens and Teens, Dolls for collectors. The holiday Dolls on this lens is for all doll lovers from 1 to 99.

Dolls are the perfect gift for the little girl who loves dolls. Which little girl doesn't love dolls? At one point or other, whether as a little toddler who loves to drag her doll along with her whenever she goes or later on as a preschooler or older girl who likes to dress her doll up, dolls are evergreen as gifts for little girls. You can't go wrong with dolls.

There are many dolls available that you can choose from. Here are a few super cute and forever loved dolls as well as dolls for Christmas that you can choose from to stuff your Christmas stockings.

Lalaloopsy Christmas Collector Doll 2012 - Lalaloopsy Collector Doll - Ivory Ice Crystals

Lalaloopsy Collector Doll - Ivory Ice Crystals BUY NOW!

The Lalaloopsy Dolls add a modern twist to the traditional rag doll. There is a special story behind these dolls. The story is they were made out of special fabric and when the last stitch was sewn they magically came to life.

The Lalaloopsy Christmas doll features an ivory ice crystal Lalaloopsy in blue and white.

The Lalaloopsy Holly Sleighbells 2011 Collector Doll from last year is another nice doll for Christmas or as part of a little girl's Lalaloopsy Dolls collection.

I also like the Lalaloopy Fashion Pack - Holiday Dress Costume, a sweet Lalaloopsy holiday dress for little girls who have a Lalaloopsy dolls. It will make a good stocking stuffer for these girls.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Holiday Dolls

Aurora Plush Raggedy Ann Santa's Helper 16" BUY NOW!

The Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls is based on the Raggedy Ann Stories. Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with yarn for hair and a triangle nose. Rag dolls are great for little ones.

The Raggedy Andy Santa Claus Doll is a very nice to a toddler's doll collection. This doll is just right for the holidays. It's soft and cuddly and has a Christmas theme.

Little Mommy Holiday Party Doll

Little Mommy Holiday Party Doll BUY NOW!

The Little Mommy Dolls are just right for the younger set because they're so soft and cuddly like this Little Mommy Holiday Party Doll

The Little Mommy Holiday Party Doll is dressed in holiday garb of red and gold with a little red bow on her hair.

Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack- Avery

Moxie Girlz Holiday Doll- Avery BUY NOW!

The Moxie Girl doll is yet another doll for tweens and teens. The Moxie Doll is more modestly attired as compared to the Bratz. The Moxie Girlz Dolls are suitable for the younger set or tweens while the Moxie Teenz Dolls are for teenagers.

The Moxie Dolls Holiday range is just right for a Christmas gift for a tween or teen girl.

Jackie Evancho 14 inch Singing Collector Doll - 'When You Wish Upon a Star' - A Doll Just in Time For Christmas

Jackie Evancho 14 inch Singing Collector Doll - 'When You Wish Upon a Star'

Jackie Evancho 14 inch Singing Collector Doll - 'When You Wish Upon a Star' BUY NOW!

The Jackie Evancho 14 inch Singing Collector Doll - 'When You Wish Upon a Star' features Jackie Evancho's rendition of 'When You Wish Upon A Star'.

Jackie Evancho is a little girl with an amazing voice. Now she has her own doll for little girls, a singing doll all dressed up for the holidays.

Barbie A Perfect Christmas Dolls & Stage

Barbie A Perfect Christmas Dolls & Stage BUY NOW!

Barbie A Perfect Christmas is a musical released in Nov 2011. It is the second Barbie animated movie, the first being Barbie in a Christmas Carol.

A Barbie Doll is much loved by girls all over. A Barbie A Perfect Christmas Doll is perfect for the Christmas season.

This Barbie A Perfect Christmas Dolls & Stage has Barbie and her sisters Stacie, Skipper and Chelsea singing 'Deck the Halls' either together or individually on stage. They are beautifully dressed in Christmas inspired outfits.

Madame Alexander Holiday Romance Doll

Holiday Romance 10" BUY NOW!

This Madame Alexander Dolls continues to come up with beautiful Christmas dolls for the Holidays. This Madame Alexander Holiday Romance Doll is perfect for Christmas. Old Girls like me want it too! This one is my favorite among all the dolls featured on this page.

Perfect as a Christmas Gift for Doll collectors.

Bratz Holiday Doll: Cloe

Bratz Holiday Doll: Cloe BUY NOW!

The Bratz Doll is very popular especially with teenage or tween or preteen girls. This Brats Holiday Doll is dressed in pretty Christmas gear with matching red boots and a tiary, not to mention those famous Bratz pouty lips. The Doll comes with matching tiaras for the doll and its owner.

The featured doll in the picture is the Bratz Holiday Cloe Doll. The Bratz Holiday Doll: Yasmin is available too.

Elf On The Shelf Girl Plushee Pal

The Elf on the Shelf Girl Plushee Pal - Light BUY NOW!

How does Santa know who is naughty or nice? The Elf on the Shelf reports to him, that is how. The tradition of the Elf on the Shelf usually begins from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. It has been touted to be the next best thing after 'The Night Before Christmas'.

A very nice keepsakes for Christmas, the Elf on the Shelf usually comes with a hardcover rhyming book and a plush toy or doll.

Read more about the Tradition of the Elf on The Shelf here on The Elf on the Shelf Wiki.

If you are buying a doll for a child for the holidays, you simply can't go wrong with an Elf On The Shelf Doll.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Teaching Kids To Tell Time Can Be Really Interesting. Here Are A Few Online Telling Time Games And Worksheets To Help You Teach Children To Tell Time.

Melissa & Doug
Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Teaching Kids to Tell Time

One of the very first Maths kids learn is Telling Time. Teaching Kids to tell time is an important first step for a preschooler in learning Math. It is also an important living skill.
This lens will walk you through all the resources you can find online to teach kids to tell time. You will also find other valuable tools you can use to teach your toddler or preschooler to tell the time.
Teaching kids to tell time can be a fun activity. Just check out all the resources that are available to you.

Teaching Kids to Tell Time Online

at the Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre is a centre to inspire and support children with Cerebral Palsy and adults with stroke, MS and Parkinson's disease and their families through a system of learning called Conductive Education. Children or participants are encouraged to take an active role in their own development to reach their full potential. In this manner they will learn new ways to become active and happy individuals who can be proud of their own achievement.
The Rainbow Centre's website has a wonderful Interactive Teaching Clock called Time Monsters to teach children to tell the time. Apart from the lessons and quizzes to teach children to tell the time, there are worksheets too.

Teach kids to tell the time with a Shape Sorting Clock - Kids Learn Through Play

Kids learn through play. A Shape Sorting Clock will help kids to learn numbers, which is the first important step towards telling time plus children can have fun sorting shapes in addition to learning how to tell the time.

Teaching Kids the Difference between an Analog Clock and a Digital Clock

How to compare and tell the difference in time between digital and radial time

These days we have many cute Digital Clocks for Kids to help children tell the time. It is a easy way to tell the time if your child knows his numbers well.
However, it does not help a child tell the time when looking at an analog clock which is very different and yet an important and must have skill for any child. This Interactive Digital and Analog Clock from ought to help children compare digital and radial time. also known as Kindergarten College or Kids Online Resources is a Directory for Parents, Families, Teens and Children.

Kids can Learn to Tell the Time with Lego - Cute Lego Clocks help kids tell the time in a fun way

As a good first step towards telling time for kids who have just learned their numbers, cute Lego clocks should do the trick!

A Cute Clock Will Get Your Child To Tell Time In No Time At All

These online telling time games will help kids to tell the time in five minute intervals, half hour intervals, 15 minute intervals etc. There are also games for more advanced learners who will be asked to predict the future time etc. Do check it out. These telling time games are terrific.

Online Telling Time Games for Kids

Free Training has a list of good links from various sites on Telling Time Games for Kids.
Some of the telling time games in the list includes:
1. Clock Face
2. Smiley Clock
3. Clockworks
4. Help Michael Teaches Time
5. Airport Flip Time
6. Bedtime Bandits
7. Clock Test
8. What Time Will it Be?
9. Stop the Clock
10. Cat and Mouse Time
11. Set the Time
12. What Time is It?
13. Set and Show the Time
14. Telling Time Bunny
15. Bang on Time
16. Digital and Analog Clocks
17. Time in Words and Digits
18. Matching Times

Telling Time Story

for Advanced Learners

Bingo: Telling Time
This Telling Time Story from Learn English Kids, a British Council Site is an interactive story about telling time. The story called "One Moment Around The World" is for advanced learners as readers will have to count time forwards and backwards.
Learn English Kids also has a nice Time Module to Teach Kids all about Time with time worksheets. time games. time songs, time stories and even a time craft for kids to print and make a clock.

Bingo Telling Time Game is a another great way for kids to practice telling time

Telling Time Bingo helps kids to build on their time telling skills. It can also double up as flash cards.

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Fashion Coloring Books For Adults

I love looking at the coloring pictures and illustrations for adults who enjoy coloring.  Many of them look like they are zentangle inspired. There are also plenty of Mandalas for adults to color but let's face it. There are only that number of mandalas you can color before you start seeing circles in front of your eyes!

So, I looked for something new. I like fashion. So why not fashion coloring books for adults? I thought I couldn't find any but I was wrong! I just love some of these fashion coloring books for adults I found on Amazon.

Victorian Fashion Coloring Books For Adults 

Victorian Fashion and the intricate designs of those times make it an excellent coloring project for adults who love coloring

Fashion Of The World Coloring Books

Fashion from around the world is also fun. You can really get your creative juices flowing as you color the outfits from the different cultures.

Fashion From The Different Eras

Fashion from the old days to the newer modern era is delightful especially the older periods like the 20s, 50s and 60s as you will see from the following coloring books for adults.

Fanciful Fashion Design Coloring Books

Fanciful designs allows you to color all sorts of motives and designs on outfits. You can make it really colorful or color in hues of the same shades.

I can't decide. I want all of these fabulous adult fashion coloring books. I think they will look great framed  up on my wall. Now, if only I had the time to color them. I am most envious of my friends who have the time to color, then frame up their beautiful works of art. To you who have the time, I wish you Happy Coloring and Enjoy!

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