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Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments

Its the most wonderful time of the year. Its time to put up your Christmas Tree! So how do you make your Christmas tree stand out? How do you make it different and personalized? You make Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments that's how. Everyone in the family can make their own Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament and have it proudly displayed on the family Christmas tree.

You could make one or two Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament a year and watch your collection grow. Or you could just make one or two Cross Stitch Ornament and put it up with the rest of your Christmas tree decorations to make it look different and special.

Alternatively, you could take your Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament craft and turn it into Christmas coasters. Anything is possible. It is fun and easy to do. Here are some patterns and Cross Stitch Ornaments kits to get you started!

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Janlynn Cross Stitch Kit2-1/2-Inch by 2-1/2-Inch, Festive Ornaments, Set of 24 BUY NOW!

I love this Janlynn Cross Stitch Festive Ornaments Kit because of its shape.

Most Cross Stitch Ornaments come in boring round or square shapes. This one has lovely Christmas themed shapes like Christmas Stockings, Christmas trees and mittens. You can use these festive Cross Stitch Ornaments on gift tags, toys and stockings too.

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Joy Tag Ornaments BUY NOW!

Counted Cross Stitch, Joy Tag Ornaments - by EK Success Dimensions

Here is another Cross Stitch Ornament with a unique shape and theme. The theme is "Joy". Once completed, you can hang this cross stitch ornament separately on a Christmas tree or as a wall decoration as shown.

This Counted Cross Stitch Joy Tag Ornaments looks great as a Christmas Decoration and is easy enough even for Cross Stitch beginners.

Christmas Cross Stitch for Beginners

If you are new to Cross Stitch, Christmas is a good time to start. Most Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments are small projects that can be completed easily to motivate you. Plus they look great too!

Ornaments Counted Cross Stitch Kits - Here are some charmed Ornaments Cross Stitch for you to mix and match

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Christmas Sayings Ornaments BUY NOW!

Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Sayings Ornaments - by Dimensions Crafts

As a lover of Quotes, I can't help but love this Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch, Christmas Sayings Ornaments.

Peace on Earth, Merry Christmas, Peace Love Joy and all the wonderful things you equate with Christmas. These Cross Stitch Ornament with Christmas sayings can be attached to a tree or is perfect on a gift too. The recipient can use it for his or her tree later on. It is a very nice keepsakes.

Mix and Match

You can Mix and Match individually selected Cross Stitch Ornament designs or sew just one. It is up to you.

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Christmas Pals BUY NOW!

Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Pals - Perfect for Kids

This Cross Stitch Christmas Pals Ornaments features all the pals you associate with Christmas including Santa, Santa's reindeer and snowman.

It is bright, colorful and will certainly brighten up any tree. It is great as a decoration on a child's Christmas gift or room too!

Unique Decoration or Gift?

You can turn your cross stitch ornaments into Christmas Decorations around the house or attach them to a gift as a unique and personalized gift tag.

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Christmas Village Ornaments BUY NOW!

Christmas Village Cross Stitch Ornaments - Intricate and Detailed Design for Cross Stitch experts

This Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Village Ornaments has a beautiful design. Each ornament is beautiful on its own. I would recommend this for someone with a little experience in sewing cross stitch. Beginners may find it hard to do all 6 as each pattern is intricate and exquisitely detailed.

These Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament with the Christmas Village theme are so beautiful, they make perfect gifts. They would also make your Christmas tree look especially grand and something to talk about.

Snow Folks Ornaments Counted Cross Stitch Kit

Dimensions Crafts Needlecraft Frosty Friends Ornaments in Counted Cross Stitch BUY NOW!

Little Cross Stitch Snowmen is the theme of this Snow Folks Ornaments Counted Cross Stitch Kit.

This Cross Stitch Ornament is perfect for framing. I am sure little ones will love this too!

Pick a Theme

You can pick a theme for your Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments. Popular themes are Santa and his crew, Snowmen, Gingerbread men etc.

Get An Entire Set

Holiday Favorites Set of 12 Counted Cross Stitch Ornaments

Janlynn Counted Cross Stitch Kit, Holiday Ornament Favorites, Set of 12 BUY NOW!

Holiday Favorites Set of 12 Counted Cross Stitch Ornaments

If you want to sew a whole set of Christmas Ornaments, then this Holiday Favorites Set of 12 Counted Cross Stitch Ornaments is just right.

Santa, Gingerbread man, Cute Bears, Snow Scene, you will find them all here on these comprehensive Cross Stitch Set to decorate your entire tree with.

You can search in the search box below for more Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments.

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Cooking Toys For Kids

Cooking Toys For Kids

Not sure what to buy for your child for Christmas? Try Cooking Toys. Kids will enjoy cooking toys as gifts because it gives them a chance to role play. Cooking Toys are for both boys and girls. There is no need to be gender biased in this case. Most kids like to imitate their mums, boys included.

In fact, my boy loves to play with their cooking toys more than his sister at one time. Then he moved on to cars. Now he is playing with his stationary, something he learned at school. Pencil lead boxes have become his latest craze. The pencil lead boxes turn into flying machines and whatever else his imagination takes him.

This post covers all types of cooking toys for kids, starting from kitchens, cookware, aprons and the food of course! Most kids will enjoy getting any of these toys as Christmas or Birthday gifts. If you are not sure what cooking toy to buy as a gift, browse this site to get some ideas.

Image Credit: Melissa & Doug Chef Costume Deluxe Role Play Set

Ideas For Cooking Toys For Kids As Gifts - When Buying Cooking Toys For Kids, You Can Use These Ideas

Cooking toys are loved by both boys and girls although sometimes gender biased makes it seem as though it is more suitable for girls. That is why most cooking toys are in pink or more girlish colors. This post features cooking toys for both girls and boys so careful thought is used when researching toys for both genders.

All items and ideas from this page come from different manufacturers to give you a better choice when selecting cooking toys for kids.

Start with a basic kitchen. This is the most expensive item for your cooking toy but it is a worthwhile one. A toy kitchen is useful to keep kids busy while mummy cooks. Creative parents can make their own kitchens with recycled boxes.

Once you have the kitchen, or if you prefer not to have a kitchen due to space constraints and budget, consider cookware. Pots and pans and spoons and ladles are great gifts for kids and don't cost very much. Young kids may prefer colorful ones while older kids will probably enjoy pots and pans that look like the real ones mummy is using in the kitchen. Get stainless steel or wooden cookware toys for older kids.

For families which do a lot of baking, get baking toys instead of pots and pans. This will allow the child to imitate mummy or daddy and role play at being a bakery shop owner.

Once you have got some basic cooking toys in place, get your child an apron or a chef's hat or costume so they can dress the part as they play. This is really fun for a child and a good gift item to add to their cooking toys.

Next, you will need toy food of course. To encourage healthy choices in food by kids, get fruits and vegetables, cakes and cookies for those who enjoy baking or fast food just for fun. Other foods include meats and desserts as well.

Finally, your child will need utensils and toy plates, bowls, cups and other dish play sets to serve all of that food they just cooked up!

First, You Will Need A Kitchen - KidKraft Grand Gourmet Kitchen

If you can afford it, the first cooking toy your child should have is a kitchen. A kitchen is the best way a kid can learn to role play.

If you can afford it and if you have the space, get a kitchen like your own, to put just outside your own kitchen. This way, your child can play his or her cooking games while you are busy preparing your meals.

This KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen is a good example. It is a little to pink for boys to use.

Many boys would like to have their own kitchen too. It is okay to let them play with it. You can consider some other not so feminine looking ones for boys.

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Kitchen - A Very Beautiful Kitchen Toy For Little Girls

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen BUY NOW!

It has most things a regular kitchen has, a dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave. It even has a telephone and a message board on the freezer just like the real kitchen that mummy has.

Plus it comes with a pot, a pan and two spatulas.

All the doors open and close and the knobs turn and click. The kitchen sink can be removed for maintenance and cleaning.

Ignore gender stereotyping. Who says boys can't and won't like playing cooking games?

Here's A Kitchen Toy Boys Can Use. - This Toy Kitchen Is Modern And Can Be Used To Role Play Cooking In The House Or A Restaurant

Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen BUY NOW!

This very modern looking toy kitchen is equipped with 3 burners, an oven and a refrigerator. It has knobs that turns and clicks like the real thing.

It also has storage shelves, a cutting board and a real working timer.

Mummy can borrow the timer if she loses hers.

You've Got Your Kitchen, Next You Will Need Some Cookware, Some Pots And Pans Or Bakeware - I Personally Prefer Stainless Steel Or Wooden Ones That Look Like The Real Thing

Just Like Home 11 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set BUY NOW!

The Just Like Home 11 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set Stainless Steel or Wooden Toy Pots And Pans look very realistic and are perfect as a gift for a child who enjoys role playing.

However, if you are buying a first cooking set gift for a very young child, you can consider the colorful plastic cookware toys for kids which may be more appealing to them. You know your child best.

Baking Toys For Kids Can Be Considered For The Mum Who Likes To Bake Or For Families Who Do A Lot of Baking At Home - Remember That Children Love To Imitate You

Step 2 Cooking Essentials 20 pieces Baking Set

If you do a lot of baking at home, then get your child a baking set as a cooking toy.

Step2 Cooking Essentials 20 pieces Baking Set BUY NOW!

Chef Costume For Kids To Role Play In - You've Got Your Toy Kitchen, You've Got Cookware And Bakeware Toys, Not Its Time To Dress For The Part In A Kids Chef Co

Kidkraft : Tasty Treats - Pink Chef Accessory Set BUY NOW!

Another 'cooking toy' to consider as a gift would be the chef's costume for role playing. Unlike other costumes, a chef's costume or child's apron is easy to put on and can be used at any time for playing when mummy is cooking.

Kids Apron Play Set - When Buying An Apron As A Gift For A Child, Get One That Comes With Some Kitchen Accessories

This kids apron pretend play set comes with an apron, a pot holder, an oven mitten, a chef's hat plus a mixing spoon and spatula.

Everything a little chef needs to play cooking. It may even look better than mummy's apron and oven mitt set!

Get An All Inclusive Food Play Set Like This For Kids Or Group Them Into Separate Food Groups - One Popular Group Is Fast Food Toys But Do Remember To Include Healthy Foods Too To Make It Educational

KidKraft Tasty Treats Pretend Food Play BUY NOW!

In the picture above, is an all inclusive 125 pieces food toy set which comes with canned food and drinks, meat, vegetables, fast food, dessert, everything inclusive for hours of pretend play.

The food toys below are for fast foods.

Pizza Party BUY NOW!

Finally It's Time To Serve All That Food The Child Has Cooked Using Pretend Dinnerware Toys For Kids - This Red Dinnerware and Chef Set Can Be Used By Boys And Girls

CP Toys Chef Costume & Metal Dinnerware 23 Pc. Set w/ Plates, Cups, and Silverware for Four BUY NOW!

Due to gender stereotyping its hard to find cooking toys suitable for toys. However, throughout this post I have tried to include cooking toys that boys can play with too and this is one of them.

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Happy Birthday Dolls For Girls Birthday Gift

Dolls are perfect gifts for a girl's birthday. It is even better if you get a Happy Birthday Doll that comes with birthday cake, sing a birthday song and more. Here are a few. Starting from baby girl's first birthday right up to teen birthday girls. There's a birthday doll for girls of every age featured here.

Barbie Chelsea Birthday Party Playset BUY NOW!

Happy Birthday Dolls For Birthday Girls

What's a good gift for a girl celebrating her birthday? A doll, of course. Dolls can be for playing or decorating depending on the girl's age. While a one year old toddler may prefer dolls that sing and move or light up, the older preschooler will probably enjoy dolls that allow them to be creative and role play or play dress up. The older tween or teen may like dolls with a secret message or dolls that can be used to decorate their rooms.

This post features Happy Birthday Dolls for girls of all ages, from age 1 to 16. You will find dolls that sing the "Happy Birthday" song, Dolls that come with an extra bonus birthday present or gift for the birthday girl, Dolls that carry a birthday cake, Dolls that have a birthday gift box, Dolls that wear birthday themed clothes and many other birthday themed dolls.

Gund Baby My First Dolly Is So Sweet, Soft And Cuddly

Gund My First Dolly Brunette Stuffed Doll BUY NOW!

Gund Baby My First Dolly

First Birthday gifts are extra special and a keepsakes for parents and kids. A first birthday doll is a good idea for girls' first birthdays.

For example, this soft cuddly first dolly by Gund Baby is a very nice keepsakes and something a child will enjoy for her first birthday.

This plush doll is made or premium materials that makes it so soft and huggable.

Adora Baby Doll, 20 inch "Happy Birthday Baby" Sandy Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes - Adora Baby Dolls are beautiful and very realistic

Adora Baby Doll, 20 inch

Adora Baby Dolls have hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes. Very beautiful and real just like a real baby.

The dolls are weighted and wears diapers, just like a real baby.

The Adora Happy Birthday Baby Doll wears a white eyelet dress with pink frills, fancy appliqued balloons and a cupcake with a yellow candle at the front.

Adora Cuddly & Weighted 20" Toddler Doll "Happy Birthday Baby" BUY NOW!

Madame Alexander Happy Birthday Doll - A Doll With A Piece Of Birthday Cake For The Birthday Girl

Madame Alexander Happy Birthday Doll

Madame Alexander Dolls are beautiful dolls for a little girl who loves dolls.

The Madame Alexander Birthday Dolls carry a piece of birthday cake for the little girl who is celebrating her birthday.

The doll has sleeping eyes and rooted hair and comes in Blonde, Asian, African American and other Doll varieties for little girls everywhere.

Madame Alexander Happy Birthday Doll - Asian BUY NOW!

Barbie Princess Happy Birthday Doll - Celebrate Your Birthday With Barbie Happy Birthday Doll

Barbie Princess Happy Birthday Doll

The Barbie Happy Birthday Doll is perfect for a little girl celebrating her birthday especially little girl who are Barbie fans and collectors.

The Barbie Happy Birthday Doll comes with a matching tiara for the little girl celebrating her birthday.

Barbie Princess Happy Birthday Doll BUY NOW!

Disney Princess Birthday Ariel Doll - Dolls That Sing The Happy Birthday Song At The Touch Of A Button

Disney Princess Birthday Ariel Doll

The Disney Princess Happy Birthday Dolls Sing "Happy Birthday" to the little birthday girl at the touch of a button.

Princess Ariel here is dressed in a flowy party skirt. She also brings a special ring for the birthday girl.

The Disney Princess Happy Birthday Dolls comes with actual wearable rings for a little girl as a bonus birthday present for a little girl.

Disney Princess Birthday Ariel Doll BUY NOW!

Birthday Musical Motion Doll Lauren - A Wind-up Happy Birthday Doll

Birthday Musical Motion Doll Lauren

The Lauren Birthday Girl Doll is a musical motion doll. Wind-up the doll and watch her head move from side to side to the tune of "Happy Birthday."

Old Fashioned Musical Girl Rag Doll with Motion Wind Up Toy - Lauren BUY NOW!

Laxury Polyresin Music Box in Lovely Doll with Happy Birthday Tune - Happy Birthday Music Box Doll

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Birthday Doll - Little Girls Will Love The Dora Birthday Doll Who Sings A Birthday Songs Or Comes With Birthday Gifts

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Birthday Doll

The Dora Birthday Doll which sings will sing the "Happy Birthday" song in two languages while this Dora The Explorer Birthday Doll comes with a birthday present for a little girl celebrating her birthday. Open the gift box to reveal 1 of 3 possible surprise presents! Inside will be a bracelet, ring or two barrettes! Very nice for role playing a birthday party. This would be great for any day too, not just on birthdays.

Momiji Celebration Dolls Collection Birthday Girl Message Doll - For Birthday Girls Who Love A Mystery Message Hidden In The Birthday Doll

The Momiji Doll Collection are hand painted resin dolls with a hidden message within the doll. Turn them upside down. Inside every doll is a folded card for your secret message.

Birthday Girl message doll is a member of the Celebrations Dolls Collection. She likes gelato and history and says "I collect together every happy wishes and put them in a bundle for you on your birthday. I hope you like them." These are great for tweens and teens who at this age love mysteries and secret messages.

Monster High Sweet 1600 Draculaura Doll - Monster High Birthday Dolls Don't Turn 16, They Turn 1600!

Monster High Sweet 1600 Draculaura Doll

Monster High Sweet 1600 Dolls are great for tweens and teens. It comes with Skeleton key invite, scary cool outfit and birthday cake or present for the birthday girl.

We hope you find a doll for your sweet girl from the dolls featured here. If not, you can search below for more dolls.

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