Monday, April 16, 2007

Alcoholism Treatment, Articles and Information

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  • Do you know how to identify an alcoholic?
  • When does a social drinker become an alchoholic?
  • What is alchohol rehab, what are the types of alchohol rehab and when is it needed?

If you are asking these questions for yourself or a loved one, you can read more about alcoholism treatment and the Stone Hawk program. If you or someone you love need addiction treatment you can start with a rehab tour of the Narconon Stone Hawk, an alchohol treatment facility. Or you may prefer to check out the thoughts on addiction treatment on its Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blog.

The Narconon Stone Hawk drug rehab program uses no drugs or medication in its program. It revolves the issues caused by drug abuse and alcoholism through social education and proper nutrition which leads to a higher rate of success. In this manner, its participants learn to take back control of their lives and move on without drugs and alchohol.

Over 70% of Narconon graduates concur their drug addition successfully!

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