Thursday, January 04, 2007

New garment size for the average frame busty woman

If you've been pregnant or breastfeeding then you will know what I mean when I say that you will go through several cup changes for your brassieres. Even a slim, small sized or petite woman may suddenly find that she has grown several cup sizes.

All of your clothings that used to fit your perfectly before are now suddenly tight in the chest. And when you go shopping you will find it hard to find styles suitable for your new frame. You don't fit in the big sizes nor the small ones either because you have a small or average frame but a larger top. You're neither here nor there.

Well, fret not, now there is an online store created specially for you. Eris Apparel is an online store for the average sized woman with a D-G cup sized top. Now at last, you can shop comfortably online for clothing that will fit you properly because here you will find a newly formed garment size to fit you. If you fit this description: "large busted but not full figured" you might just want to check out this store.

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