Friday, January 12, 2007

Leave me alone!

Every now and then I suffer from this desperate need to be left alone. I wonder if other mums go through this or its just me.

Once in a while those adorable little smiles and arms that reach out for me don't seem so cute. It seems more like endless whining, clawing at me, and the sound decibels seem extremely loud and I just want to scream out "Leave me alone!"

There's no place to hide. Not even in the toilet (my usual hiding place). Thats when I know that I've had enough of playing "mummy" and need a little time out for myself. I used to hate walking before but now I jump at the opportunity to walk out alone to buy breakfast or go to the nearby sundry shop to get some stuff. The little walks are lovely, peaceful and quiet.

Eveyone calling out for my attention at the same time, including the big baby just drives me crazy sometimes and I go beserk! I had such a beserk day recently now I feel bad........

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  1. I guess it's normal.

    Everyone needs a break, even after being a mother.

    A little break would help us to see things in a different perspective, or regain our perspective, and lighten up our mood.

  2. Last year when I was a SAHM, I was reluctant to send my daughter to kindi. But then my sis insisted. It was her kindi and since everything's free, so I tried. After that I looked forward to send her there every morning to get some "time for myself". *bad mommy hor*


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