Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Online Prenatal Classes

My husband and I never attended any prenatal classes. We learned everything we knew about childbirth and what to expect online. However, I do think that its a good idea to attend one where you get to meet with other parents and prepare youself mentally for whats to come ahead.

As I mentioned, hubby and I learned everything we knew about pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn online. Hubby would source for materials online daily, print them and we would read them together, he first by highlighting those areas he thought was important and writing little notes on them before passing them to me to read.

I've just found a site which helps you prepare for childbirth online with reading materials organised in a childbirth class format. Its really interesting. Here is the link for anyone of you expectant mothers out there who may be interested.

Chilbirth Class Online is organised into 6 classes starting from the basics of pregnancy to the various stages of labor right down to postpartum adjustment and newborn care.

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  1. wow, i hope to find a husband like that one day..... hi, i'm a medical student and i've just finished 3 months of obstetrics and gyne, doing paediatrics now, so hopped over to see what this was all about! pregnancy is never something nice, until you see the result, (the baby) i presume? :) congrats on breastfeeding til so late btw, never an easy thing for mothers to do, as i have witnessed! look forward to reading more entries!

  2. misstan,
    Hiya and welcome to my blog. :) Yes, I've just weaned my 32 month old "baby" ( I think). He took 2 months to learn to latch on and more than that to be weaned off. Hahaha.

  3. Hiya Robin,
    You found my blog post! I think the materials are great organised into class format like that, everything in one place instead of having to search in different places for this comprehensive info. I wish I had found your class when I was pregnant! :)

  4. Cool! There are some online prenatal classes for twins, too, for example at www.babiesinbelly.com and through other Multiple Births sites.


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