Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sick Again

The kids and I are sick again. Baby has runny nose and a fever. Now his sister and I have it too.

We took baby to the doctor and he was prescribed with fever, cold, cough and phlemg medicine plus a nose drop. Phew! Such a lot of medication. He cried even before we got called into the doctor's office and didn't stop till we took him out!

Later on his sister got sick too but she did not have any medication so I called up to ask the doctor if she could use baby's medication. (Its a no-no to share medication without first checking with the doctor). The doctor asked a few questions like whether she was allergic to any medication to etc, then he said ok and told me the dosage required for her age for the same medication.

My girl taking the same medication influenced baby to take his too. He didn't want to take his before that so I had to sneak it into his drink. When he saw his sister taking it, he also did. Probably thats the good thing about having both of them sick at the same time. LOL!

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