Friday, December 29, 2006

Blogging at a snails pace

I wanted to post this on my personal blog but I couldn't get it to load. "Geramnya!" This slowness is so frustrating. I hope that they fix the problem soon. I read that "Data lines to Hong Kong, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia were to be back to normal late Thursday." Read more here. Its Friday now and things are still slow.

Overeas pages are taking ages to load and that includes my blogger (for blogging), bloglines (for blog hopping to my favourite blogs), PPP (for my paid posts), Paypal (to accept payment for my paid posts) etc. Funnily though my blogger is slow but easier to access than my blog hosted on my own domain so I have to post this here to "lepas geram". Okie! Done! I'm off now to do some cross stitch. I think it'll be a lot more productive than sitting here watching pages load halfway very slowly.

To all those who visited my blogs with your holiday wishes, thank you very much. I wish you all a Happy New Year and normal internet connection soon. LOL!

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