Friday, January 19, 2007

How much do you spend on your face?

I won a bottle of branded anti-aging face cream recently. Its a small 50ml bottle but it costs RM410! I imagine that everytime I dip my finger into the cream, each dip costs about RM4-Rm5! Wow! Each dip is equivalent to the cost of a meal for example. I would never, ever, buy a cream that costs so much on my own. Why, with that RM410 I could buy so many other stuff, things for my children, my family, my home.

I find that I've become rather "stingy" after becoming a mother. Previously when I was a single working girl, I would not hesitate to buy things that are a bit costly. I would sometimes pick up two pairs of shoes at the same time, even though I didn't need them but just because I liked them.

I guess my priorities have changed now, after becoming a mother, or should that be, after becoming a Stay At Home Mother. LOL! I wonder about other mothers. Have your spending habits changed too? Would you spend RM410 on a small bottle of cream for your face?

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  1. No I won't because the last time I did spend $$$$ on a bottle of cream for my face, it left it in a worse state than when I started! Now I'm happy with cheap stuff that work :)

  2. paris,
    Hahaha. Yes, I am a little worried my face will break out in rash when I apply it.


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