Monday, January 22, 2007

Sippy Cups. I love them!

Both my kids "graduated" from the breast straight to a cup. They both do not know how to drink from a bottle. I tried to teach them but somehow they both reject the bottle. That gave me a hard time at first because no one else could feed them accept me but at 6 months of age, things became a lot easier when I did not have to wean them off from a bottle to a cup. I introduced a cup to them directly when they turned 6 months.

I love sippy cups for my kids. They love it too. It gives them the independance to drink on their own and it gives me the freedom of not having to watch them. I usually remove the spillage vents or covers because it makes it very difficult to drink from so there is some spillage at times but not so bad as an open cup.

However sippy cups need careful cleaning otherwise the suction tops can get quite dirty. Usually I wash them IMMEDIATELY after use otherwise dirt will accumulate. I love the Avent sippy cups which I'm currently using because of its versatility. Handles and covers can be easily mixed and matched and replaced when dirty. I wonder, what are other mothers using?

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  1. I got five different type of sippy cups at home, you know lar, all x2. not that I love them, I tried to let the girls love them, and in the end they never attach to any one of it, so I gave up and give cup instead, sigh...wasted all my money, and I once thot that must be very fun for them.

    (long time no 'see' yah, hehehe...)

  2. Oh you bad woman. So long time never see. I miss you very much lah....


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