Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shopping Made Simple

Its getting easier and easier to shop and thats a dangerous thing..... for my wallet! These days, to shop, all I have to do is let my fingers do the walking....to online shopping malls. These cyber malls are organised into various departments (via links) just like a regular department store. All I have to do is click on those links to visit a different department.

I've just found another online shopping site. Its called MoneySolution. Their tagline is "Find a Money Solution on anything. Because there's always a sale somewhere." Thats smart, I like it.

We should always shop smart, even when shopping online. Quite often I would wring my hands in frustration when something I just bought at the store goes on a 70% discount the next time I see it. Now, I try to be smart and wait for sales before shopping. And, there's always a sale somewhere!

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  1. Here's another way to shop smarter online: use Bill Me Later as your payment option whenever you can. I work for Bill Me Later and I'm also a frequent customer. It's a great way to shop quickly and safely - no need to dig around and enter your credit card information. Just choose "Bill Me Later" at checkout, answer two quick questions, and you're done. Then you get a bill in the mail a few weeks later. One of my favorite perks is all the special deals and promotions they offer, like "no payments for 90 days" - now who couldn't use a little extra "float" in their budget?! I know I enjoy it...Check it out at www.billmelater.com


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