Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Affection and Attention equals better behaved children

I am always telling the hubby "For every action there is a reaction" so please treat me or say things to me nicely or you may get a not very nice reaction or response in return. (He thinks I'm nuts but I do believe there is some truth in this rule).

However, I practise double standards and do not apply this rule to the children. (Its hard to be a good mother!) I really should practise it though because I can see the difference in their behaviour when I do.

On those days when I give them lots of hugs and cuddles and pay attention to what they say (keyword here is "attention") they love it and they behave like angels, like good little children should.

However on those days, when I'm very stressed or busy, I sometimes take it out on them (Its hard to be a good mother!) and I yell out to tell "Oh! Go and play by yourself and stop bothering me!" Now, thats when I see behavioural problem. They'd be unhappy and fight while they play, whine, and cry a lot.

I really should try to practise what I preach more often. For it really is true that "for every action there is a reaction". I should try not to take out my stresses on the poor little ones because when I do, it doesn't help at all. In fact it makes the situation worse!

This post is a reminder to myself to give the kids for affection and attention. Ok. I'm off now to give the kids some cuddles. :)

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  1. Hi Angelia

    Let me intro myself yeah..I am Jessie from PJ..been reading your journal when i was pregnant with my 2nd child and have been reading it ever since .. can i put ur link in my page ?? Do drop by yeah ..

    To your journal "Affection and Attention Equals to better behaved children" i totally agree .. as i hav experience it very often now .. been trying to spend more time and control my temper and be more patience nowadays.

    Hope to hear from you :D


    Jessie @ Mummy of 2 Princessess

  2. Hi there Jessie,
    Which journal have you been reading? I have a few. :P And BTW, I'm not Angelia. Have you got me mixed up with someone else?


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