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Top 12 Superhero Costumes For Boys This Halloween 2015

Boys love to role play as superheroes. So this hub featuring Superhero Costume For Boys are not just right for Halloween, they are useful all year round as a birthday gift or Christmas present.

Halloween Superhero Costumes For Boys
Boys love to dress up as Superheroes, not just during Halloween but all through the year in fun role play. This hub features superhero costumes for boys from toddlers up. Both Marvel Superheroes and DC Comic Superheroes are included in the costume sets.

All boys will love dressing up as these superheroes for Halloween. Kids will enjoy these costumes a lot as they role play the different superhero roles.

Photo Credit: DC Comics Boys Action Trio Superhero Costumes

Top 12 Superhero Costumes For Boys - Contents At A Glance: Here are my Top 12 Superhero Costume Picks For Boys

Below are my Top 12 picks arranged in no particular order as they are all top favorites superhero costume for boys. The Top 12 Superhero costumes are available for baby or infant boys, toddler boys, preschooler boys and for boys of all ages including boys age 4-6 or 7-8 and up.

These Superhero Costume For Boys Are Great As Halloween Costumes.

They also make nice Birthday Gifts and Christmas Gifts for Superhero fans for boys to role play and just have fun.

This is also a quick glance at the contents on this page. This post is organized into top 12 favorite superheroes. Below each superhero, you will find costume sizes for boys of different ages. The costumes are organized according to sizes from baby and infant upwards. Accessories are included in the pick.

1. Captain America Costume For Boys
2. Spiderman Costume For Boys 
3. Iron Man Costume For Boys 
4. Thor Costume For Boys 
5. Green Lantern Costume For Boys 
6. Superman Costume For Boys 
7. Batman Costume For Boys 
8. Robin Costume For Boys 
9. The Hulk Costume For Boys 
10.Wolverine Costume For Boys 
11.Optimus Prime Costume For Boys 
12.Justice Leaque The Flash Costume For Boys

Captain America Costume For Boys - Captain America Is The First Avenger

Disguise Captain America Toddler Muscle Costume BUY NOW!

Captain America is a superhero by Marvel. He is the first Avenger. His all-American look costume is great for kids for Halloween.

Remember to check whether the Captain America Shield is included in the costume. If not, you will need to get one or the costume will not be complete.

Spiderman Costume For Boys - Spiderman Costumes Are Great For Halloween Because Of The Spider Theme

Spiderman Toddler Costume BUY NOW!

Spiderman Costume For Kids

A child's spiderman costume should come with a half mask so that it is comfortable and can be kept on. Spiderman isn't quite complete without his mask on or his identity will be revealed which is not what superheroes are supposed to do.

Iron Man Costume For Boys - Iron Man Costumes Are Great For Birthdays Too

Iron Man 2 Mark 6 Classic Costume, Child BUY NOW!

Iron Man Costumes For Kids

Iron Man fans will love to wear Iron Man Costumes For Halloween. In fact Iron Man fans will love to wear Iron Man Costumes For Birthdays too or just for role playing around the house. This Iron Man costume comes complete with a pair or rocket gauntlets.

Thor Costume For Boys - Thor Is More Than A Superhero, He Is The God Of Thunder In Marvel Comics

Thor Toddler Muscle BUY NOW!

Thor Costume For Kids

Whereas Thor was not very well known accept to the comic readers of yesterday, today he is famous thanks to the Avengers movie.

Thor and his special helmet and hammer called the Myjolnir. Remember to make sure your costume includes the Myjolnir or Thor's Hammer.

Green Lantern Costume For Boys - Green Lantern Is A Popular DC Comics Character

Green Lantern Child's Hal Jordan Costume BUY NOW!

Green Lantern Child's Hal Jordan Costume

Green Lantern has a power ring with special powers. The Green Lantern Costume Is Great For Halloween as well as a birthday and Christmas gifts for boys.

Buy Now

Superman Costume For Boys - Superman The Savior Of The World Costume Is Colorful And Bright For Boys

Superman Child's Costume BUY NOW!

Superman Child Costume

The classic red, yellow and blue colors of the Superman costume for boys makes it a very bright and vibrant costume to wear for Halloweens. Boys will also like this costume for playing with just for fun.

Batman Costume For Boys - Your Child Can Role Play The Caped Crusader In The Batman Costume

Batman Classic Halloween Costume Children BUY NOW!

The Batman Childrens Costume

Batman the Caped Crusader Costume is great as a gift for all Batman fans from little to older. Even big boys would love this costume.

Robin Costume For Boys - This Deluxe Robin's Child Costume Comes Complete With Muscles

Rubies DC Comics Teen Titans Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin Costume BUY NOW!

Robin Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume

If a sibling or cousin is wearing the Batman Child's Costume, this Robin's Costume For Boys would be a nice match. The Robin's costume is available in Toddler (2-4) and Child Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Boys Large (10-12).

The Hulk Costume For Boys - Avenger's Hulk Has Lots Of Muscles And So Does The Incredible Hulk Costume For Boys

Avengers Hulk Classic Muscle Costume, Green/Brown BUY NOW!

Avengers Hulk Avengers Classic Muscle Costume

The Hulk Costume For Boys is a muscle torso jumpsuit that comes with a facemask. The jumpsuit has muscles on top and image or rip trousers at the bottom of the costume.

The Incredible Hulk costume for babies is really adorable while those for older kids has more muscles. Pair them with hulk smash hands for a complete hit with the kids.

Wolverine Costume For Boys - The Wolverine Costume For Boys Come With Claws

Wolverine Classic Muscle Boys Small BUY NOW!

Disguise Wolverine Origins Classic Muscle

The Wolverine Costume For Boys is in a nice bright yellow and blue. It comes complete with wolverine mask and wolverine claws. Just right for giving Halloween scares.

Optimus Prime Costume For Boys - Optimus Prime May Not Be A Superhero But He Did Save The World So That Makes Him A Superhero Afterall

Optimus Prime Movie Deluxe Costume BUY NOW!

Optimus Prime Movie Deluxe Costume

Optimus Prime is not your average superhero but he qualifies as one for having saved the world.

The Optimus Prime costume and other Transformers Costumes are just right for Halloween. They look so cool and boys will love them. You will find Bumblebee and Megatron Costumes a delight too.

Justice Leaque The Flash Costume For Boys

Justice League The Flash Costume, Infant BUY NOW!

Justice League The Flash Costume

The Flash Costume in vibrant red and yellow will transform little boys into instant superhero status with a seat in the Justice Leaque.

The Flash Insignia and Yellow Boots Top along with the foam lighting bolts make this costume very appealing visually for kids.

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  1. Gotta love little superheroes! Mine are all grown up now and their "costumes" have changed to uniforms, but they started with some of these.

    1. They must look really smart in their uniform "costumes" :)

  2. Gotta love little superheroes! Mine are all grown up now and their "costumes" have changed to uniforms, but they started with some of these.

  3. Cute, all of them. Costumes sure have come a long way.......

    1. Yes they have, haven't they? They are getting more and more creative. :)


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