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Preparing Your Daughter For Her First Period

First period for a girl can be confusing but it need not be. Read this hub and be prepared to help your daughter get ready for her first period including when to talk to her about it.

First Period

First Period, that important milestone. One important duty we have as a parent to girls is to prepare our daughters for her first period, that important growing up milestone.

First Periods can start anytime from around age 8 to 14. Since it can start as early as 8, its best to talk to your child early about puberty, periods and growing up. You can keep it simple for young children.

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This post highlights some useful resources for you to help you prepare your daughter for her first period.

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When to talk to your daughter about her first period?

Since a girl's first period can start anytime from age 8 onwards up to age 14, it would be good to start talking early but just how early? Would your 8 year old understand about puberty and menstruation?

You would have to ask yourself that question. Is my daughter ready? Is she mature enough? What about her build? Is she showing signs of having her first period soon? Ask yourself these questions and if your answer is yes, then its time to talk to her about periods and puberty but keep it simple if she's young.

Another good indicator is yourself or your wife if you're the dad, your daughter's periods will start about the same times as yours did.

Prepare your daughter for her first period early

Some girls actually think they have pooped and stained their pants or worry when they see blood. Don't let this happen to your daughter. Make her first period a pleasant growing up experience.

First Period Kit

Single fathers may find it easier to talk to their daughters using a first period kit with everything inclusive, reading material plus first pads included

Did you know that there are actually first period kits available? Usually these first period kits come with a dvd or book for parents and child. Sometimes the book comes separately, one for the child and another parent guidebook. Sometimes it comes with some extra goodies for the child, a bracelet or craft kit etc along with some first pads and sanitary pad disposal bags which are extremely useful for the girl using pads for the first time.

I think that these first period kits are extremely useful if the parent is a single father for example, who may find it more awkward to talk to their daughters about their first periods. These kits have everything you need to talk to your child about her first period.

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What are the signs that my daughter is going to get her first period? - Here are some signs to watch out for


1. Growth Spurt

2. Growing breasts

3. White or Yellow Vaginal Discharge

4. Light hair growth in the armpit and pubic area

These are some signs of physical development in a girl that may indicate that she is about to get her first period. Signs may vary from girl to girl.

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First Period Online Resources - Here are some useful online resources about puberty and first periods for girls. Parents of girls may find it useful too.

It would be a good idea to print out some of the articles provided in the links and go through them with your daughter rather than ask her to read them on her own. Then she can ask you any questions or issues that she has thought about or may worry her.
Signs Of Your First Period: When Will I Get It? Articles aimed at tween and teen girls.

When Will I Get My Period?
It's normal to be a little worried or anxious about getting your period. Find out more in this article for kids. 

Getting Your Period | Your Changing Body |
Learn about getting your period, what your period actually is, how to deal with it and how to talk to your parent or doctor about it.

Getting Your First Period
What's it mean when your boobs are big enough for a real bra and there's a forest of hair under your arms? Maybe your body's preparing for that time of the month.

Puberty, Periods and Girls
Puberty in girls - advice about changes in girls during puberty, periods, and dealing with the changes.

Before your first period
Menstruation, or periods, are times when a girl or woman bleeds naturally from the vagina. Periods are a sign of health and show that the body is functioning as it should.

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Many young girls discover their first period on their own

Take a look at this humorous My First Period Comic by Julia Wertz. The comic says it all. Read the comments to the comic too or read this young girl's diary about getting her first period.

First Period Started - What to do?

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If you have not had the puberty talk with your daughter and her period has started, here are some things you can do to make it less scary for her

- Reassure her that it's normal and she is normal as the age range for first period can vary

- Instruct her on exactly what to do, how to wear the pads or tampons and how to dispose of them

- Inform her about the possible symptoms that she may have, lower back aches, stomach cramps etc

- Be open and tell her she can ask you anything she likes or tell you about issues she faces such as teasing in school etc

- Give her lots of tender loving care at this time as she is facing something very new and her body is going through hormonal changes which may upset her emotionally

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