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Cross Stitch Baby Birth Samplers

Cross Stitch Baby Samplers are a nice gift for your baby or for your friend's newborn. Here are a few Cross Stitch Baby Samplers for baby boys and baby girls in both stamped and counted cross stitch.

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Cross Stitch Samplers

Cross Stitch Samplers can be used to record joyful moments in life such as the birth of a baby or a wedding. They are usually quite easy to sew yet attractive.

Someone new to cross stitch may perhaps opt for a birth announcement sampler by picking a counted cross stitch sampler kit rather than a stamped cross stitch set as it will be easier to keep the stitches even with counted cross stitch.

Whichever you choose, the results will be beautiful. They also make the perfect gift.

What is a Cross Stitch Sampler?

A cross stitch sampler usually includes alphabets, motifs, decorative borders and sometimes the date and name of person who produced it. It is an example of the skill of the person who produced the cross stitch.

Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch,
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Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Baby Express Birth Record
Baby Birth Records make lovely Cross Stitch Samplers. Not only that, they serve as a wonderful keepsake for the parents.

It is rather like having a scrapbook on sewn on canvas. They are great for decorating any baby nursery.

This Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Baby Birth Record Sampler make the perfect decoration for a baby nursery.

Counted Cross Stitch or Stamped Cross Stitch?

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In Counted Cross Stitch, the stitcher counts the threads according to a given diagram and follows the code in the pattern then sews them onto a countable weave fabric. It is easy to make the stitches even in size because you sew by code onto the special checquered cross stitch cloth also called the aida cloth.

In Stamped Cross Stitch, the stiticher stitches over the stamped patterns on a printed or stamped fabric. You will have to be more skillful in keeping the stitches even throughout.

Though it may appear as though stitching over a Stamped or Printed Pattern is easier than counting and following a pattern, it really is the other way around. Counting and sewing is easier and requires less skill in terms of how tightly or loosely you sew and in keeping the stitches uniform.

Stamped Cross Stitch vs Counted Cross Stitch

You need to be more skillful when sewing a Stamped Cross Stitch compared to Counted Cross Stitch.

Counted Cross Stitch Baby Samplers

This Birth Record Counted Cross Stitch Kit is a good example of a Counted Cross Stitch project.

Counted Cross Stitch is sewn on aida cloth which are material with checks. You count and sew the Cross Stitch by following a Cross Stitch Pattern.

Stamped Cross Stitch with Baby Animals Design

Stamped Cross Stitch

This above cross stitch kit is a good example of a stamped cross stitch design.

As I mentioned, you have to be skillful to make your cross stitch look even and beautiful like this. The positive thing about Stamped Cross Stitch is you can also stitch on quilted materials if you prefer.

Cross Stitch For Baby Girls
Cross Stitch for Baby Girls can use a princess theme, flower theme or anything else sweet and lovely.

Sweet Cross Stitch Sampler for Baby Girl Birth Record

Bucilla Princess Birth Record
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Baby Girl Birth Record Cross Stitch Sampler

If you know the sex of the baby at the time of stitching, you can specifically select counted cross stitch based on the sex of the baby.

This Baby Girl Cross Stitch Sampler is just right for announcing the birth of a girl, a lovely little princess girl.

Cross Stitch for Baby Boy

You can use a sports theme or zoo animals, or baby blocks theme for your Baby Boy Record Cross Stitch Sampler.

Adorable Counted Cross Stitch Baby Boy Birth Record

Cross Stitch Baby Boy Birth Sampler

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch,
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For a baby boy birth announcement, you can stitch samplers with a sports, car or animal theme.

This Baby Boy Birth Announcement Cross Stitch Sampler has a sports theme. This cross stitch project will certainly brighten up baby's room. Not only that, it will continue to be a nice decoration for the room even when baby turns into a teenager because of its sports theme.

Decorate your baby nursery with cross stitch

You can make cross stitch posters, baby bibs, crib covers, cross stitch quilts etc to brighten up your baby nursery.

Counted Cross Stitch Vs Stamped Cross Stitch
Which Do You Prefer?

1. Counted Cross Stitch 
2. Stamped Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Baby Bibs and Blankets - Cross Stitch need not only be on framed pictures

Cross Stitch Baby Bibs

You can make your cross stitch projects for babies into other things like blankets and baby bibs.

For example, this Stamped Cross Stitch Baby Bibs come with the bibs and a set of easy instructions.

The cross stitch baby samplers in the section below are easy and great for beginners

Cross Stitch Baby Samplers for Beginners - You do not have to make complicated baby samplers if you are a cross stitch newbie

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch
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EK Success Owl Mini Birth Record

Some Cross Stitch with Baby Patterns are absolutely lovely but they are also very complicated and for cross stitch veterans.

However, even simple and mini ones like this Mini Birth Record Cross Stitch Designlook just as great and make lovely keepsakes.

Keep It Simple!

There is a beauty in simplicity. Sometimes easy to sew Cross Stitch Kits turn out beautiful designs for your baby birth record.
Harrisville Designs Cross Stitch Sampler

Easy Cross Stitch with Baby Design - Baby Sampler Cross Stitch Kits

Harrisville Designs Cross Stitch Sampler

If you want to sew a Cross Stitch with Baby Design to record and remember the birth of your precious one for keepsakes but you do not know how to cross stitch, its ok because most baby sampler designs comes in complete sets.

This is easy for a beginner since you don't have to hunt separately for the tapestry needles, wool or yarn and material yourself. Some of them even come with suggested designs and ready made frames. Some of these designs are very simple, even an 8 year old can sew them.

Happy Stitching!

Couldn't find what you were looking for? Search below for more cross stitch baby birth samplers.

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