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Baby Boy First Halloween Costumes

Is this baby boy's first Halloween? If so, you will want to dress him up in the cutest, most adorable Halloween Costume.

Source: Image Credit: Carter's Bib From Amazon

10 Cute Baby Boy First Halloween Costumes (in no particular order because they are all adorable and we can't decide which is better!)
This is Baby Boy's First Halloween. You want just the right baby boy costume to dress him up for lots of photo opportunities for keepsakes. This post features 10 best picks for baby boy's first Halloween costume.

You will find lots of ideas here for baby boy's first halloween costume. From little Elvis to Cutie Pie pumpkins, even not scary skeletons and little dracula costumes and save the world type of heroes or policemen or jail breaker costumes. All of them are so cute, you will have a hard time deciding on just the right one for your little prince. I know I had a hard time selecting just the right ones to feature on this page.

The 10 costumes are numbered randomly as they are hard to rank!
Happy Halloween!

1. TeleTubbies Laa Laa Costume For Babies And Toddlers - The TeleTubbies Costume Is Unisex
It is easy to dress your baby boy up in a TeleTubbies Infant Costume. It is unisex so you can dress siblings in matching TeleTubbies Costumes.

There's the red Teletubbies Po, Purple Tinky Winky, Yellow Laa-Laa Teletubbies and the Green Dipsy Teletubby Costume to choose from.

Rasta Imposta Teletubbies Laa-laa, Yellow, 18-24 Months BUY NOW!

2. Baby Boy Frankenstein Monster Jumpsuit - My First Halloween Lil Monster Jumper Costume

Rubie's Costume My First Halloween Lil Monster Jumper Costume BUY NOW!

Rubie's Costume Co has a My First Halloween Collection to dress baby up for memorable photo moments during Halloween.

This adorable My First Halloween Lil Monster Jumper Costume is one of them.

3. Infant Chickie Costume Of Baby Hatching From An Egg - Unisex-baby Infant Noah Ark Chickie Romper Dress

Rubie's Costume Infant Noah Ark Chickie Romper Dress, Yellow/White/Orange, 12-18 Months BUY NOW!

This cute little chick costume is of baby hatching from an egg. The little chick costume is in bright yellow with orange and white striped feet.

The yellow chick jumpsuit costume is soft for baby and even includes a little candy corn rattle.

4. Unique Infant Baby Elvis Costume 

Unique Infant Baby Elvis Costume, 12-18 Months BUY NOW!

Do You Have A Baby Who Rocks To The Sound Of Music? If You Do, This Cute Elvis Costume Is Just Right For Him

Rock-a-hula baby, Rock-a-hula baby, Rock-a-hula baby Rock Rock Rock a-hula baby.

This little Elvis Infant Costume will create lots of rocking moments and be the talk of the family and friends for years to come. Remember to take lots of pictures!

5. Halloween Pumpkin Costume For Baby - Infant Pumpkin Cutie Pie Costume For The Cutest Baby Of Them All

Punkin Cutie Pie Costume, Infant (Ages up to 24 months) BUY NOW!

Baby looks like a cute Halloween Pumpkin in this infant pumpkin cutie pie costume.

The baby pumpkin costume is a pullover tunic with attached leaves and smiling pumpkin face. The matching hat comes with a soft stem.

The costume is held together by a self stick back closure to make it easy to slip baby on and off this Infant Halloween Pumpkin Costume.

6. Infant Too Cute To Spook Vampire Costume - Baby Will Thrill Not Spook Everyone This Halloween In This Cute Vampire Costume


This Baby Vampire Costume is a jumpsuit: in black velvet fabric

The Infant Vampire Costume slips over head easily with a velcro tab at back of neck plus snap on closures for the insides of the bottom part of the costume. Shoes are not included for this costume

The vampire cape is sewn on for safety and lined in red satin. The shirt inset is in white satin with a red satin bow tie. Just the way a vampire would like it.

Baby looks too cute to spook in this infant vampire costume but he will certainly thrill everyone for sure.

7. Baby Jail Breaker Costume With Fake Tattoos - In Character Costumes, LLC Time Out Cap With Jumpsuit

InCharacter Costumes Baby's Time Out Convict Costume BUY NOW!

This jailbird or baby convict time out costume is adorable!

I love the attached mesh sleeve with fake tattoos on this infant jailbird costume. It makes baby looks like a real jail breaker who has just broken out from his play pen!

8. Marvel Super Hero Squad Iron Man Infant Costume - A Baby Iron Man Costume Is One Of My Favorite Superhero Costumes

Disguise Marvel Super Hero Squad Iron Man Infant Costume, Red/Gold, 12-18 Months BUY NOW!

There are plenty of Baby Superhero Costumes, however I like this Iron Man Baby Costume because of its vibrant bright colors. I think babies look good in red and red looks good in pictures as you can see from this picture.

The Iron Man Child Costume is actually a baby jumpsuit. It comes with a hat or half mask for baby

9. Infant The Hulk Costume For Halloween - Cute Licensed Little Hulk Costume In Hulk Green With Purple Accents

Marvel The Incredible Hulk Costume,Green/Purple,18 M BUY NOW!

Among the many superheroes, I'm afraid that Hulk isn't one of my favorites. However, this Little Hulk Costume for babies is too cute not to be included in this list of baby boy first Halloween Costumes.

The Hulk Infant costume is a jumpsuit in purple and green with a matching character hood.

Perhaps daddy could dress up in an adults The Hulk costume with fake muscles and all. That will surely create some cute photo moments.

10. Spider-Man Bunting Infant Halloween Costume - A snuggly costume for newborn babies

Spider-Man Bunting Infant Costume - (0-6 mths) BUY NOW!

Spider-Man Bunting Infant Halloween Costume (0-6 Months)

This baby spiderman costume is suitable for very young babies.

Baby Bunting Costumes are usually made of soft material so that they are comfortable for babies. It may include a soft cap for baby.

Remember to select those that are not too warm for baby. Plain simple ones that are not elaborate will probably be better. Get simple ones with interesting prints like this one. The costume is simple but the design comes from the print rather than extra sleeves, buttons, belts and other accessories which would make baby uncomfortable.

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