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Personalized Labels For Kids

Personalized Labels For Kids, whether in the form of stickers, iron-on labels, printed names or write on are essential to organize a kids stuff especially when they go to school. Here are some. 

Personalized Labels for Kids

Girls Personalized Butterfly 
Name Label Stickers
Personalized Labels for kid or custom labels are a necessity that keeps me sane. That little piece of label that I stick onto my kids shoes, school bags, school uniforms, tumblers, lunch boxes and more help me organize my children's clothes and stationery easily. I recommend it to any mum with school going kids. It is a must have.

This week my son lost his sweater again. Imagine that, not a pencil or an eraser but a sweater! He forgot his tumbler twice and lost numerous stationery. When I go to the school to help him search for him, I get lost in a sea of similar looking school bags and tumblers. Every child wants to have the latest cartoon bags and other stationery. They all look the same. If I don't label them, I will never be able to find them.

Its the same with their shoes. I label their shoes so they can easily find their pair of shoes since they have to remove them when they enter the carpeted school library. They will never find their shoes among the sea of white school shoes without our custom shoe labels.

This post is all about the custom labels and personalized labels for kids that is essential to organize your household and your kids stuff and keep you sane.

Personalized Cartoon Stickers for Kids - Personalized Stickers do not have to be boring!

Personalized Cartoon Stickers

These days you can get personalized stickers in cute designs and cartoons to make labeling fun. Stick personalized cartoon stickers onto pencil cases, water bottles, mugs and anything else that belongs to your child to help you find them easily. Your child will love them too.

It helps you find your child's belongings in school. At home, you can personalize each child's items for them to make them feel a sense of belonging and instill a sense of pride for their things. Use that sense of pride to teach them to care for their stuff.

Iron On Labels for Garments

Iron-On Labels -
Personalized Clothing Labels
You can't stick stickers onto garments of your child's clothing so a specialized iron on label would help you label school uniforms, gym uniforms and other uniforms of clubs and associations that belong to him or her.

Some iron on labels come with specialized permanent laundry-proof markers that won't stain your clothes.

These are great for making sure that your child's clothes do not get mixed up with those of his classmates and even if they do get lost, you will be able to find them later on.

My boy lost his scouts uniform in school when he was changing into his gym uniform. However, we were able to find it at the school a week later, thanks to the name label.

Personalized School Bag Tag for Kids

School Bag Tag

Luggage Tags or School Bag tags help your child find their bags easily. These days its quite common for kids to carry bags in the same design and color.

A personalized school bag tag can help the bag stand out easily from the rest and make it easier for your kids to find their school bags.

Besides this, its a personal fashion statement and stylish too.

You can also use tags to indicate a child's special condition or allergies.

Shoe ID Tag

Children Shoe Labels -
 Self Laminating

It is important to label your child's shoes too. For young children, this is a safety precaution as some shoe id tags come with space for you to write down your contact numbers.

This is also useful as a label for children with medical conditions.

You can use normal labels preferably those with some sort of lamination to make it last longer as shoe labels should be more hardy then other kinds of labels.

Make Your Own Label - A family or Office Labeler is perfect for this

Brother Family Labeler

Brother Family Labeler

A Label Maker is a good product to have around. Besides labelling your kids schools stationery, mum can label her craft box, dad can label his files and brother can label his DVD collection. Every family should have one.

A place of everything and everything in its place

I make use of this motto to help me organize my children's things. A family label maker helps me create a place for everything. What about you?

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