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Halloween Candy Alternative Ideas

Many parents are getting more health conscious these days. In fact, some children are becoming more aware of the need to eat well too. So what do you as a parent do during holidays and celebrations like Halloween? What can you do? Do you dish out more Halloween Candy or search for some healthy snack ideas. What about forgetting about snacks altogether and including candy alternatives in your treats for kids?

This post gives you some Halloween Candy Alternative Ideas that will still keep children happy when they reach for that treat bag of yours.

You can use these ideas or have a mix and match. Some candy is okay to give away but why not include some candy alternatives this year for Halloween?

10 Halloween Candy Alternatives To Keep Kids And Parents Happy - Non-candy Halloween Treat Bag Fillers. Ideas For A More Healthy Halloween.

You can include these candy alternatives in your treat bag for kids for Halloween this year. Instead of stuffing your Halloween treat basket with sweets and snacks that sometimes get thrown away after the holidays by health conscious parents. Why not mix your candy with some of these candy alternatives for kids instead.

Most kids love these candy alternatives and won't even mind that candy is missing from the mix or that they are getting less candy this year.

Here is a summary of 10 Halloween Candy Alternatives That Make Good Trick Or Treat Bag Fillers.

1. Balloons are fun. All kids love balloons. You can give them out filled with air for kids to carry around or as a package for kids to blow and play with later.

2. School Supplies. School supplies are useful and you can find many Halloween themed school supplies that are both fun and cute to own. 
3. Mini books. These are great to encourage kids to read. If you can, get a Halloween related story to add to the mood. 
4. Craft Supplies. Get little craft kits with Halloween related crafts. These are very nice for kids to make and do during Halloween. 
5. Play Doh. Play Doh is a fun way to get creative. Most kids are naturally creative. Give them some play doh and they can create a Halloween Spider or Jack-o-Lantern easily. In fact, you can have a Halloween playdoh creativity contest for the kids at your Halloween Party For Kids. 
6. Stickers. Stickers are cheap, fun and light weight for kids to carry around. You can roll them up and tie them in pretty ribbons. Remember to get Halloween themed stickers. 
7. Glow In The Dark Halloween Toys - Kids will love to walk around with these during trick or treating and it encourages safety too. 
8. Small toys and trinkets. Do not get those that are too small and have a risk of choking for small kids. Soft toys would be good for younger kids. 
9. Toothbrushes tied up in orange ribbons. If you must include candy in your mix, why not include a toothbrush to remind kids to brush up afterwards? 
10. Halloween Novelties. Scary eyeballs, spiders etc are funny for kids.

Here are the Halloween Candy Alternatives In More Detail And Where You Can Buy Them.

1. Balloons Are A Good Candy Alternative For Halloween. All Kids Love Balloons - You Can Give Them Away Filled With Air Or As A Pack For Playing With Later

Halloween Spooky Design Balloon Assortment BUY NOW!

Halloween Spooky Design Balloon Assortment

Get Halloween Balloons With Web, Spiders, Bats And Skeletons For Some Spooky Fun.

Another alternative is to get black, orange and white or purple balloons and draw in some cute Halloween graphics yourself. That will make an interesting Halloween craft that you can use as decoration afterwards.

2. Halloween Stationery For Kids - School Supplies With A Halloween Theme Make Good Candy Alternatives

Mini Iconic Halloween Spiral Notepads BUY NOW!

Mini Iconic Halloween Spiral Notepads - Kids' Stationery Notepads

Kids will love Halloween Stationery and Halloween School Supplies like pens and pencils with the Halloween theme and this cute Mini Iconic Halloween Spiral Notepads - Kids' Stationery & Notepads. They won't mind getting less or no candy.

3. Halloween Story Books For Kids Are Good Candy Alternatives - If Possible, Try To Get A Mini Book With A Halloween Theme

Halloween Bugs Funny Pop-Up Book BUY NOW!

Halloween Bugs: A Trick or Treat Pop Up Book (Bugs in a Box Books)

This Halloween Bugs: A Trick or Treat Pop Up Book (Bugs in a Box Books) is a nice Halloween story book for younger kids.

You can get age appropriate Halloween Books For Kids of different ages. If you can't find a mini book, get a thin paperback, then roll it up and tie it with a ribbon.

4. Halloween Craft Kits, Little Halloween Crafts For Kids To Make And Do Are Perfect As Candy Alternatives - You Can Include Halloween Coloring Or Painting Book

Hero Arts Rubber Stamps Halloween Ink and Stamp Set BUY NOW!

Halloween Jewelry Craft Kits, Halloween Bookmark Craft Kits, Halloween Doll Craft Kits, Halloween Painting And Coloring Books all make wonderful candy alternatives. Rubber Stamp Sets are great too. Just get a whole box and divide them equally among a few trick or treaters.

You can also get children to make their own Halloween Bookmarks using colorful purple, black, orange and white or brown construction papers then use these as trick or treat items.

5. Mini Tubs or Cans Of Playdoh Can Be Used As Halloween Candy Alternatives - You Can Buy Halloween Playdoh In Bulk For Giving Away To Children

Play Doh Halloween Trick or Treat Bag with 80 Fun Size Cans BUY NOW!

Gift sized Halloween Play-Doh can be handed out to trick or treaters when they come a knocking. Kids will love them and they can pick the color they want too if they like.

6. Halloween Stickers With A Halloween Theme Can Be Bought In Bulk And Handed Out To Trick Or Treaters - You Can Buy Rolls Of Halloween Stickers And Tear Them U

500 HALLOWEEN Stickers/5 Rolls of 100 buy now!

Assorted Halloween Stickers

Stickers with a Halloween theme are fun and cheap. For example this 5 Rolls of Assorted Halloween Stickers totaling 500 Stickers can be used to give all the kids in the neighbourhood!

7. Glow In The Dark Halloween Toys, Bracelets And Sticks Help Kids To See In The Dark - Glow In The Dark Toys, Bracelets And Sticks Are Not Only Fun, They Help Kids To Stay Safe In The Dark

300 8" Lumistick Brand Glow Light Stick Bracelets BUY NOW!

300 8" Glow Light Stick Bracelets WHOLESALE PACK

Kids will be delighted to get this Glow Light Stick Bracelets. Instead of putting it in their trick or treat bag, they can immediately put it on for some instant fun on the go.

8. Small Toys And Trinkets Can Be Used As Halloween Candy Alternatives - Choose Soft Toys Rather Than Those That Have Small Parts To Reduce Risk Of Choking For

TY Halloweenie Beanie Babies set of 5 BUY NOW!

TY Halloweenie Beanie Babies - Halloween 2007 Complete set of 5

Small soft toys like this TY Halloweenie Beanie Babies can be bought in a set and then given out separately to different children, one per child. They make great candy alternatives. Candies don't last but these candy alternatives do. They are keepsakes that can be taken out again to play the next year.

9. Toothbrushes For Kids Can Also Be Used As A Candy Alternative For Halloween - If You Are Giving Away Candy, Why Not Include A Cute Child's Toothbrush?

Colgate Children's Glow in the Dark Wicked Watermelon Fluoride Toothpaste BUY NOW!

Why Include a toothbrush as a gift for Halloween as an alternative to candy? To remind kids to brush and take care of their teeth after taking candy.

Do select a cute kids toothbrush and decorate it by tying it up with sweet Halloween Ribbons.

Another idea would be cool novelty glow in the dark toothpaste.

10. Halloween Novelties For Kids Are Funny Alternatives To Candy - Get Funny Novelties And Keep Them Small In Size Just Like Candies To Fill Up Little Trick Or

Monster Bendables - 12 Per Unit BUY NOW!

These Monster Bendables are a good example of a Halloween Kids Novelty.

You can also get monster finger puppets, or monster tattoos, monster beachballs and more. They are all fun and funny alternatives to candy.

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