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Best Halloween Superhero Costumes For Girls 2015

Superhero Costumes are not for boys only. Many girls love to dress up as superheroes too. Here are a few

Halloween Superhero Costumes For Girls. Superheroes for girls are not limited to Wonder Girl.

Halloween Superhero Costume For Girls

Most comic book superhero characters are men with girls being sidelined as unimportant sidekicks accept for a few. However, when it comes to Halloween Superhero Costume For Girls, you will find girl versions of costume for just about any superhero you can think of. There is a girl version Thor costume, girl version Captain America and more. You will also find Wonder Girl Costumes of course, along with Bat Girl and Spider Girl Costumes.

If your little girl is an active one who loves action heroes, Halloween is a good time to dress them up as one. Unlike boys who often like to dress up in superhero costumes all year round and prance around in action hero role playing, girls can have their time on Halloween as a Supergirl in her Superhero Girl Costume.

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Here Are Some Of My Top Picks For Superhero Costume For Girls - Top 8 Superhero Girl Costumes For Halloween 2015

1. Wonder Woman Girl Costume is suitable for girls of all ages, even babies and toddlers.
2. Super Girl Costumes have bright yellow, blue and red colors and a nice red cape to go with it. 
3. Batgirl Superhero Girl Costume is in cool black with touches of yellow. If a sibling is wearing a batman costume, this will be the perfect match. 
4. Avengers Black Widow Child's Costume is suitable for a tween or pre-teen girl. 
5. Catwoman Kids Costume is another costume tween girls may like. 
6. American Dream Girl is the daughter of Captain America. She'll show you that not only boys can be superheroes. 
7. Spider-Girl Costume for girls has the spider logo which makes it a little bit spooky just for Halloween 
8. The Incredibles Violet Child Costume. This is nice if the whole family dresses up as The Incredibles because this superhero team acts as a family.

1. Wonder Woman Girl's Costume

Rubies Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is an action heroine in her own right. She is not a copy cat of a male action hero. Neither is she a sidekick to another action hero.

Wonder Woman girl costume is therefore my favorite.

Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Toddler Costume buy now!

Wonder Woman Child Costumes Comes In Different Styles And For Girls of Different Ages From Baby And Toddler Right Up To Age 12-1 - I Like The Baby One

Justice League Deluxe Bib Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Print, Newborn BUY NOW!

2. Super Girl Costume For Girls - As Girl of Steel, in this authentic Supergirl outfit, your youngster will be ready to do good, and to fight evil this Halloween

Rubies Supergirl Child Costume, Large BUY NOW!

Rubie's Supergirl costume

The vibrant red, yellow and blue of the supergirl costume plus the hot red cape makes Rubie's Supergirl costume a very eye-catching and fun costume for girls.

3. Batgirl Superhero Costume For Girls

Batgirl superhero costumes are perfect for halloween because of the bat logo at the front of the costume.

I generally do not like black for a little girl's costume though I think black looks great for an adult girl superhero costume.

However, I am glad to note that there are other colors available for the batgirl child's costume. Pink or Black? Which do you think is better? I can't decide. I like them both.

The All Pink Supergirl Costume Is A Nice Variation To The Red, Blue And Yellow SuperGirl Costume However, If It Is traditional You Prefer, Then Go For The Red

Pink Supergirl Child's Costume, Medium BUY NOW!

Super DC Heroes Batgirl Costume, Toddler BUY NOW!

4. Avengers Black Widow Child Costume For Girls - I Like This One For Tween Or Pre-Teen Girls

Avengers Black Widow Avengers Deluxe Costume

Avengers Black Widow Avengers Deluxe Costume is nice for a tween or teen girl.

This is because teens have outgrown the little frilly sweet types of costumes.

A teen girl will appreciate the cool look of this Black Widow's costume.

Avengers Black Widow Deluxe Costume, Black BUY NOW!

5. Catwoman Kids Costume Looks Cute On A Tween Girl

Catwoman Kids Costume BUY NOW!

Catwoman Kids Costume

If your catwoman kids costume does not come with a Catwoman Costume Whip , you may like to consider getting one. It is a matching accessory for the catwoman kids costume however it is optional if you think it is cumbersome for the child to carry around.

6. American Dream Girl Costume For Girls

American Dream Girl Classic Costume BUY NOW!

American Dream Girl Classic

I like this American Dream Girl Classic Costume because it has sparkles on the dress. Superheroes must be glamorous in my opinion. The sparkles plus the iconic Captain America star or this child's American Dream Girl costume gives it the glamorous look.

Whenever you order costumes, remember to check which accessories are included. Sometimes the accessories are not included so it is always good to check.

7. Spidergirl Child's Costume For Halloween - Spiderman - Spider-Girl Classic Costume Has The Spider Logo For Halloween

Spider-Girl Classic Costume For Girls BUY NOW!

Spidergirl Child's Costume for girls, like all the other superhero girl costumes comes in the original superhero colors or in sweet pink for girls.

I also like the spiderman girl's costume that comes with a little tutu. That is something different and sweet but still a superhero nonetheless.

8. The Incredibles - Violet Child Costume - The Incredibles Work As A Family. It Would Be Fun If Mum And Dad And Little Brother Have The Incredibles Costume Too

Big Girls' Violet Incredible Costume Medium BUY NOW!

The Incredibles - Violet Child Costume

A pair of siblings in The Incredibles Costume are a cute pair. It would even be more fun if mom and dad dresses up as Mr and Mrs Incredible. Yes, that would certainly be incredible and very awesome indeed.

Find More Girl's Costumes Here

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