Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Matching Mother And Daughter Outfits

Mother And Daughter Matching Outfits
Mothers and Daughters Matching Outfits are deliciously adorable. This post features some cute mother and daughter matching clothing, t-shirts and pajamas for a coordinate mum and girl look.

A Mother and Daughter has a special relationship for life. My daughter and I fight over a lot of issues but we love each other dearly. She would pout and get angry at me one moment and hug and smile at me the next. That is the complex relationship that we both enjoy.

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One of the fun things we do together as a mother and daughter is to wear matching outfits. I think they are fun and in a way, matching clothing act as a special bond between mother and daughter. At 11, my daughter is still young enough to want to wear matching outfits with me. So, I'm taking this opportunity to before she grows up soon and say "Oh, mom, that's so tacky!"

Matching Clothing For Mother And Daughter - Mother And Daughter Outfits Are Really Adorable And Make Good Gifts

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I really like matching clothing for me and my girl however a matching set of pyjamas for the entire family can be really fun too. We wouldn't wear matching clothing for going out mainly because the man wouldn't want to wear them but pyjamas are fine with him.

If You Don't Want To Overdo Dressing Alike, Just Go For Matching T-Shirts. Matching Pajama Sets Are Fun Too

A Mother Is A Daughter's Best Friend

Girls always want to look like mummy. They would be so thrilled to wear something just like mum's

What Do You Think Of Matching Clothing? - Do you think they are cute or tacky?
Would you wear matching clothing with your daughter or with the whole family?

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Would You Dress Your Girl In A Mini Me Outfit?

Tips For Dressing In Similar Clothes

When It Comes To Dressing yourself and your girl in similar clothes, I think it would be safer to avoid those mini-me outfits.

Mini-me outfits are outfits that look like mom's with mini heels and all.

I really prefer matching outfits that are more neutral like pyjamas or sweat pants and matching shirt or a summer dress. I think mini-me outfits that look like adult's clothes just don't look right on little ones.

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However, that is just my opinion. To me, there is no right or wrong in fashion. If you want to dress alike by letting your daughter wear a miniature outfit like yours, you can go right on ahead but do go easy on heels, glitter or too much accessorizing.

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What If You Can't Find Matching Clothes?

If you cannot find clothing that come in a pair for mother and daughter, you can still dress alike by buying them separately.

You can easily find clothes that match by choosing evergreen patterns like stripes, polka dots, monochrome colors or matching colors.

The Complex Relationship Between Mother And Daughter

Mothers And Daughters Have A Love Hate Relationship

Sometimes I envy the relationship between my daughter and her father. They have an easy going relationship. Sometimes I think that opposites really do attract. Mothers seem to get along better with sons while fathers get along very well with their daughters.

Sometimes, I think my daughter goes out of her way to annoy me. She never behaves that way with anyone else but me.

Complex though our relationship may be, I love my daughter very much. She is a very inquisitive and intelligent child. She may drive me crazy with her questions but she also says the sweetest things at time.

Do you have a daughter? What is your relationship like with your daughter? Is it complex or simple?

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