Friday, August 28, 2015

Adult Coloring For Beginners

This is a mother's blog but it is beginning to look like an art one. That is because I am really excited about my new hobby. Adult Coloring. Adult coloring is a great way for busy mothers to destress. If you are new to adult coloring, I would recommend that you have a look at some of these great sites.

1. For a first project, why not choose a simple one like a free printable bookmark to color and make. Check out the bookmark templates and coloring tutorial from Dawn Nicole. They're easy, yet the results are really pretty and useful too.

2. Not sure whether to rush out to buy and adult coloring book? Before you do, perhaps you can design one online and print out the pdf to color instead. allows you to do just that. Here is the one I designed. You can add all sorts of shapes to your design, leaf, heart, triangle, star, flower, braids. Multiply them, rotate them or put them one on top of another to see what works best. When you're done, you can print them out as jpeg or pdf format. I discovered that designing formats is just as fun as coloring them! Here's where you can design and print your own mandala.

3. If you prefer to draw your own mandala, then have a look at this tutorial on How To Draw A Mandala by Art Is Fun. It is beautifully illustrated and the end result is amazing. The picture you see below is work in progress by the artist. You just have to go over to the page to see the beautiful results after the mandala is colored.

If you are still not convinced, read this 11 Reasons Why You Should Totally Buy A Coloring Book Right Now, a tongue in cheek take on adult coloring.

4. Now let's try some really cool stuff. Go to Color Pages For Moms. There is a huge selection of printables categorized into some of the following categories, beach, flowers, owls, paisley, wedding, mandala/circular, Asian, doodles and a lot more. Lots of choices to print and color.

Can't wait to start coloring? Before you do, let's go get some color pencils

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