Thursday, December 07, 2006

Teaching your daughter to say "No" to inappropriate touches

As mothers of daughters, I think we have an additional duty, to keep our daughters save from being taken advantage off by unwanted male advances or sexually inappropriate behaviour.

I think it is an unspoken fact of life that all young girls have experienced some form of inappropriate touching from members of the opposite sex be it a neighbour or a relative whether out of curiousity or simply lack of respect. Little girls are so easy to be taken advantaged of because they're so innocent. Just have a heart to heart talk with any female girlfriend or relative and you will know that this is true.

Therefore as a mother of a little girl, I would need to educate her on how to ward off those inappropriate behaviour. I need to teach her to say "No. My mummy says cannot." and to run away and inform mummy about it. Then I need to make sure that the doors of communication between me and my daughter is always left open so that she would be comfortable about discussing things of this nature or anything else that confuses her with me.

As a mother to a girl, this is the added worry I have over her and it is my duty to protect her as well as to teach her to protect herself by saying "No!" I believe that all mothers to daughters should start doing this from an early age and continue to reinforce this important message to their daugthers throughout their growing years.

However this little talk needs to be handled with great care with a young child who may have many questions. We need to talk to them with great care so that they do not get confused by our message and start refusing hugs and kisses from all male members of the family. Hmmm...... parenting sure is hard!

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