Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Picky Eater - Just a passing phase?

Sometimes I wonder if all kids will go through the phase of being a picky eater. My girl used to be a picky eater. Even when she was a baby, she hated her milk and would take up to 1 hour just to finish 1/2 an ounce of milk. I was worried sick that she was not getting enough to eat!

Then when she became a toddler, she remained picky and would spit out most food I offered her. She preferred soft foods that she could swallow whole. Now at age 4, she seems to have outgrown her pickiness and would eat most foods I offer her. So I'm left wondering if its a phase kids go through and I was being silly being so stressed up during those times when she wouldn't eat.

However, having said that, my boy is different. Since he was a baby, he ate most foods I offered him and now at age 2 he likes to eat foods that he can chew on. So far, he has been much easier to feed than my girl. The only time he resisted was when I was introducing formula milk to him as a supplementary feed to breastfeeding during the weaning process. These days, I would say he is selective with his choices of food but I wouldn't call him picky.

I wonder what is the experience of other mothers in feeding?

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