Monday, December 04, 2006

Mothers hang on to your kids during the mad shopping rush

Announcement: Dear shoppers. A little chinese boy, about 4 years old, dressed in blue t-shirt and a cap was found. Will the parents of the boy please proceed to the information counter.

The mad holiday shopping rush is upon us. I went to IKEA over the weekend and the crowd there was crazy. It was as if they were giving away free stuff! There were people everywhere! We met Santa Claus too. He's a bit early but he made an appearance. He must have got his Christmas dates mixed up. Lol!

Anyway, while we were browsing around with two bored kids tagging along, we heard the above announcement. So, I'm writing this post to remind myself and other mothers not to be carried away shopping and lose sight of your child at the malls. We don't want to lose them and allow them to suffer a scare from being lost and separated from us now, do we? So remember to hang on tight to your little ones while shopping during this mad, yearend holiday rush.

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  1. How about making your child wear a harness? hahaha. No more worries.

  2. I shudder to that thought. I bought a harness for Belle in case she wanna walk.

  3. sophia, vien,
    I'm not used to a harness but better safe than sorry.


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